7 thoughts on “Tip of the Week – Clipping Corners

    1. Oh no Samantha, That is an absolutely terrifying thought! You just want to see if mine is more of a disaster area than yours. ;D Can't that just wait until spring when we finally move into an actual house? Just pretend that it still looks like this only add a bookcase full of fabric on the left, and shelves full of junk on the right…up to the ceiling on both sides. Then throw toys, clutter, and paperwork everywhere. See, it's practically identical! 😀

  1. Great tips! Sometimes I just get lazy and try to turn things without clipping properly. Of course, then I have to turn it wrong side out again and clip, so it just ends up taking more time in the long run. And I know it. But I still try to get away without clipping, LOL! Thanks for sharing!

    Kim @ {enjoy the view}

    1. I've don't that same thing far too many times! Lately though I seem to have gotten a bit over zealous and have been clipping WAY to close. How many years does it take before we learn? 😀

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