Gone Adrift Skirt

I love homemade clothes that have a story to them, and this dress is definitely one of those! Way way back this past Memorial Day weekend, we took a trip to the beach so that I could do as many mini photo-shoots as Aurelia could possibly handle for the clothes from the Out to Sea Collection.
We arrived a bit early and decided to work at the pier first to get my favorite outfits done before Reli’s attitude deteriorated. Unfortunately, it was a little too early and I forgot to account for the chilly breezes. The poor kid was covered with goosebumps in this sleeveless Coastal Bliss dress, and practically begging to get back in the car. We were off to a great start!
So I decided to give up on the pier and let her play in the sand instead thinking that would at least keep her happy. The Flotsam & Jetsam dress and the Anchors Aweigh tunic were first, and she was all smiles! Next came the Castaway dress and the Tidal Pool tunic. She wouldn’t even look at me, but I can work with that. I could tell we were both pretty much done, but I figured if we walked down to the break wall a climb on the rocks would perk her up a little bit.
I carried this outfit along hoping that we could do a quick wardrobe change, and be done for the day. Now I completely acknowledge that seven photo-shoots in one day is more than any 3 year old can handle, but it was the perfect location, and I knew we weren’t coming back so I had to at least try. I took the pictures of the Sailor Shorts hoping that I could somehow work around her miserable grimace, and went to grab this skirt from my bag only to find that it was gone!


I’m not gonna even try to pretend that I wasn’t freaking out! I dug in the sand, I looked through all the little crannies at the rocks, and then I searched the tide the entire way back down the beach to our blanket. Nothing! I tossed my stuff down with a huff and began ranting to Ant about how I hate the beach, and the sand, and photo-shoots, and toddlers, and life…(Did I mention that I was hungry? Yeah, I get kinda dramatic when I’m starving. Ha!)
So Ant figured that he would walk back down the beach and have a look just in case I missed it. I’m pretty sure he was just looking for an excuse to escape my melodrama, but low and behold, he comes back holding a sopping wet skirt! “I found it half buried in the tide over there.” “But I just looked there!” (and now I feel like an idiot.)
And just in case you’re wondering about the rest of the photo-shoots;
the Sailor Knot skirt was shot on the deck of one of our local restaurants,
the Surf and Sun outfit was shot in front of a wooden fence surrounding a dumpster,
and this skirt was obviously shot at our apartment’s swimming pool. Infinitely better than the beach!


If you’d like to make a stripey skirt of your own, you could easily use

any of the following tutorials to achieve a similar look.
Simple Simon – Vintagely Modern Skirt
Skirt as Top – Fruit Stripe Skirt
Jojo & Eloise – Spring Rainbow Skirt
The only differences are that my version has a flat front waistband,
side seam pockets, and an extra dash of drama!
What’s your worst photo-shoot story?


13 thoughts on “Gone Adrift Skirt

  1. Such a funny story. Well, not funny for you, since you had to experience it! I'm glad you found it. I totally turn into Mrs. Hulk too when I'm hungry, so I can relate. The skirt is very cute. I'll check out the tutorials. If I end up making it I'll link back! 🙂
    Gina @ Gian's Craft Corner

    1. Thanks Kiana, It's great to have you along. Your blog is adorable, and it awesome to see someone your age with such a talent for sewing! Keep up the great work!

  2. What a story! I can't believe your husband found it!
    I love it and the colors! So far I haven't had any crazy photoshoot drama, but I haven't tried taking Henry anywhere cool. I usually let him play outside, and I follow him around with the camera.

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