Out to Sea Collection Wrap-up

With Labor Day coming next week, it looks like the summer and my collection are both coming to a close. It’s been so much fun sharing these outfits with you each week, and I’ve really enjoyed meeting all the new followers and visitors that have stopped by along the way! So just in case you joined us part way through and missed a post or two, here is a quick re-cap of the entire collection…
Out to Sea - Sugar Tart Crafts 2013 summer collection of nautical inspired toddler clothes.

Flotsam & Jetsam Dress

Coastal Bliss Dress – Tidal Pool Tunic – Sailor Knot Skirt

Surf and Sun Outfit – Shoreline Sundress – Gone Adrift Skirt

Sailor Shorts Remix – Anchors Aweigh Tunic – Castaway Dress

I hope I didn’t bore you too much by dragging it out for practically three months, but it was a lovely change of pace around here to be able to share so many sewing projects while still having time to spend with the kids. If fact I’ve been considering whipping up a smaller winter collection to carry us through the holiday break, and then another larger one for next summer. But I’d love to hear your thoughts…
Did you enjoy the collection? Was it a bit too drawn out and you’d rather see it condensed to only a week or two? 
Would you like there to be a detailed tutorial for each of the pieces, or are you happy just seeing the finished garments?
Maybe you’d be interested in a matching BOY collection for Corbin as well? Patterns? Sew alongs?
Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment section,
and don’t forget to get out there and soak up those last wonderful rays of summer!
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3 thoughts on “Out to Sea Collection Wrap-up

  1. THREE MONTHS? Wow, where has the time gone!!! It's flown by!

    I don't mind it being drawn out, and sort of meandering through summer because it's been different. I bore of the pattern designers who do a pattern and then have a grand tour of different bloggers making their pattern in slight variations and then a big round up and then when the month's over they start a new pattern tour. I get bored and want to see variation, which is why I've enjoyed your collection.

    Besides, it's summer, no rushing allowed!

    1. I know exactly what you mean! I don't mind if the tour goes for about a week or so, but when it lasts for a month or more I feel like everyone in blog-land has already sewn it and I've been left out.

      I'm glad my stuff didn't bore you though. I tried to make sure I was staggering the projects (skirt, pants, dress, top) so it wouldn't seen too repetitive. Next time I definitely need to remember to take the pictures as I go though instead of having to make 2 of everything so I can cobble a tutorial together. Bad blogger!

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