Shoreline Sundress (a Lily Pulitzer knock-off)

The Shoreline Sundress: a Lily Pulitzer knock-off by Sugar Tart Crafts
I promise I really do know how to iron, but when Mommy has to carry you through the stream, wrinkles happen.
Well, we’ve finally reached the end of the Out to Sea Collection, but I’ve saved one of my favorites for last. This Lily Pulitzer dress was one that I had originally pinned to my Nautical Inspiration board when I began designing the collection, and while I loved the shape and textured fabric, it just seemed to be missing something. I’ve already talked about how I enjoy more simple styles, but this dress just felt like it deserved a little extra PoP! So when I stumbled across this red and blue striped fabric at Walmart I knew it would be perfect.
The Shoreline Sundress: a Lily Pulitzer knock-off by Sugar Tart Crafts
It’s actually much cuter in person, but that red/blue contrast sure is a pain to photograph. 
The pattern for this dress is actually very similar to the Coastal Bliss dress, so I decided to make a few small adjustments to make them feel more different. I gave my version a more boat-neck shaped neckline, raised the empire seam slightly, and then also raised the location of the princess seams to account for the smaller bodice. The pleats are the same, but they are a smidge closer together because of the new princess seams, and then the bow is a bit smaller as well.
The Shoreline Sundress: a Lily Pulitzer knock-off by Sugar Tart Crafts
And just in case you read last week about how I “torture” my daughter by making her do photo-shoots,
I wanted to let you know the story behind this one too.
Saturday I decided to go out and scout the location just to make sure it was easily accessible, and kinda rough out my idea for the shots. Yeah, look at me planning ahead. We’ll come back tomorrow and everything will go smoothly and I’ll be completely prepared. I rock!
Sunday morning – Rain. Drizzle. And even more Rain.
And I drug her out in it anyway. Yes, I did!
I put her in a sweat suit and sneakers and packed a bag and an umberella. Then we trudged half a mile into the woods to the stream.
She got blisters on her heels from her soaking wet, too small shoes, and I got to wade through a freezing cold stream. I’m probably the world’s most mean and terrible mother, but at least I got the shots!


The Shoreline Sundress: a Lily Pulitzer knock-off by Sugar Tart Crafts


Honestly though, Aurelia actually had a great time looking for squirrels and shells (aside from the blisters),

and I ended up carrying her most of the way back to the car, so I’m really not that horrible.


But anyway, what do you think of the dress? Did I do it justice?

I’m thinking about adding it to my list of patterns that I need to share…eventually.



18 thoughts on “Shoreline Sundress (a Lily Pulitzer knock-off)

    1. Thanks Lynette! We really don't have much use for the "fancy" dresses other than the one she'll wear for five minutes to take a Christmas picture. I really like to make the dresses so that she can actually get some use out of them!

  1. Oh Toni! Reli is SUCH a trooper & yes, you DO ROCK!! The dress is adorbs & she does look like she is enjoying herself!! The smiles are genuine, not forced & I LOVE the pic where she is sitting w/ her cute lil toes resting on the other rock!! She really is becoming quite the model and/or you are becoming quite the photog!!! GREAT job on all 3 aspects!!

    1. Haha, I admit she's definitely got that model's sassiness to her! She's actually been asking me "When can we go back to the woods to take more pictures? I need to look for bambi." 😀

  2. She's so adorable!! You'll be so glad to have these photos when she grows up and is grateful to have properly staged shots.

    Good on you for teaching her perseverance 😉

    1. I was actually just telling Ant the other day that I've got dozens of adorable pictures of both kids that we need to go have printed out. It's just too bad that I'm so terrible at scrap-booking!

    1. Thanks Megan! It may be strange, but really enjoy trying to break an existing garment down into it's pieces and then putting them back together. It's kinda like a fabric puzzle I guess!

    1. Thanks Emily, I was really surprised when our local Walmart started carrying fabric again too! It's not somewhere that I frequently get my fabric, but every once in awhile it's nice to stroll through and look for a cute print or two. (You know since we NEED more fabric, right?)

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