Snapshot Sunday – Corbin’s first haircut

I understand that it’s just hair, and it’ll grow back, but I still regret what I’m about to show you.

Corbin's first haircut
This was my adorable chubby-cheeked little Bubba. Yeah, his hair has grown over the tops of his ears, and sure he’s got a little bit of a mullet goin’ on, but why oh Why did I let Daddy convince me that it was time to finally cut his hair? He’s not even 1 1/2 yet!
I had my reservations, but I grabbed those scissors and started hacking anyway. (a bad idea on all counts!)

Corbin's first haircut

And this is him now. It’s still the same fat lil face, the same “I just did something naughty” grin,
but my heart is crushed by how much he looks like a “little boy” instead of a baby-toddler.

Corbin's first haircut

And it probably doesn’t help that I pretty much suck at cutting boy’s hair. For future reference, don’t place your scissors against the back of a kid’s neck and chop off that “this is for the scrapbook” curl. It isn’t pretty. Next time I think I’ll just use the clippers instead!

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10 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday – Corbin’s first haircut

  1. Hahaha! I totally did the same thing to my son when he was little. Clippers are definitely the way to go, but those take some getting used to also. I recommend finding a good Youtube video.

    1. Good to know I'm not the only one! I'm just waiting for my MIL to find out. She's a hairdresser, and she'll probably be upset that I mutilated her grandbaby! lol

  2. Awww, he looks great! I love the haircut. I always use clippers on Forrest, too, and although I think that's easier than scissors, I still can't ever get it looking GREAT. I blame it on his wiggling/crying/screaming. He's convinced I'm trying to murder him with those clippers. (Also, Forrest has the same tank top and insists on wearing it just about every day–that boy loves showing off his 'big muss-ohs!')

    1. Thanks Kelly! Don't feel bad at all that you haven't been around. I tried to explain to my husband last night that I can't visit your page w/o feeling terrible about my lack of scrap-booking skills. Your pages are always just too stinkin' gorgeous! We should swap skills sometime. I'll make your girls some cute clothes, and you can scrap the photos from my wedding…or kid #1…or kid #2! LoL

  3. OMG Toni!! I have been sick since Sat 8/10 & am STILL NOT better!! I have tossed cookies I haven't even eaten yet & still keep plugin away @ my water JUST so when the "mood" strikes, I have SOMETHING to give up! Needless to say I am a bit late in email reading! Today, reading this post, I started w/ a giggle, then as I scrolled slowly so as to be done reading b4 the next photo, I was chuckling, then as I am trying SO hard to stifle a good laugh my nose starts running & I just know I am gonna lose it! By the end I am laughing out loud & holding my mouth at the same time!!!! To NO avail, I lost it all over the kitchen counter as I ran for the sink!! OMG! In the past week of being ill, I NEVER thought I would laugh till I puke but the way you write things & this cute Lil Monkey, w/o a care in the world, least of all his curls, I feel SO much better!!! I BLESS You!!!

    1. Oh my goodness Chelle that's terrible! Stop reading anything from me right now. I mean it! I know there's at least one more silly post that you haven't caught up to yet, and I don't want to be the cause of any more sickness! I'm sending you virtual chicken noodle soup, and I don't want to hear from you again until you've recovered. Have an extra nap for me while you're at it, and feel better soon!

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