Tip of the Week – Standard Kid’s Measurements (sizes 3-12)

I’m not sure if this truly counts as a tip, but I’ve had a few requests for larger kid’s measurements

so I decided to add sizes 7-12 to my previous chart. And since I adore you guys so much,

I’ve also gone and combined all the measurements into a single handy two page printable.


A few disclaimers:

The measurements for sizes 3-6 should work for either boys or girls, but anything above a 6 will only work for girls.

As I’ve mentioned before, these numbers were all taken from various handouts that I received in college,

and unfortunately they must have only expected us to design clothing for little girls.


If you have the appropriate size child readily available please, please, Please check their measurements against the numbers

on the chart before you start drafting or sewing. Every child is different, and I have not actually made garments using all of these

measurements so I can’t attest to their accuracy. Personally I feel that some of the sizes are a little too big, but in my opinion too big is always better than too small.


Also, check to make sure that your printer is set to landscape and that the “fit to page” box is un-checked.

Google should orient the page properly by itself, but it’s always good to double check.


Click Here to Download

I guess that’s it. Hopefully those of you who are lucky enough to still be sewing for your older girls will find these

extra measurements useful. I can only hope that Aurelia will still enjoy the clothes I make for her for a few more years.

Who knows, she’s around my sketches enough that she might even start designing her own outfits before too long!

Anyway, good luck with your projects, and have a great weekend!


19 thoughts on “Tip of the Week – Standard Kid’s Measurements (sizes 3-12)

    1. Thanks Anne! I haven't had any use for the larger sizes since my munchkin's are still tiny, so you'll have to let me know how they work for you. I wouldn't want them to be too far off!

  1. This is really useful information!! Thanks so much for sharing. My grand daughter lives across the country from me and your chart will be invaluable at Christmas time when choosing clothes for her.

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  2. This is very helpful. However, do you have a chart or listing of standard ease for children's clothing? I do a lot of altering of patterns and design my own, but have not found this information anywhere. Would I use the same amount of ease that you would use for adults?

    1. Hi Ann, That's a great question! Unfortunately the answer isn't in any of my design materials, and I think the reason is because ease amounts are such a personal preference. That is one of the major behind the huge difference in the same sized item at different stores. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. It's a shame "standard sizes" aren't actually a bit more standard. :/

    1. Sorry Cheryl, all the numbers we got in college were only for the girls. I guess they never really expected up to make anything for boys or men, because they kinda just glossed over them like they didn't even exist. If I ever come across the necessary info though I'll be sure to add it.

  3. This is geat info thanks! Any idea where i could get a diagram to match these details, just for a precise indication of where the measurements are taken? Thaks Jemma

  4. Thanks for handy chart! I'm living in Hanoi, Vietnam at the moment and want to have silk kimono-style robes made for my nieces as a surprise. They do sell off-the-rack robes but not in small sizes, and usually satin, not silk. At $2.50-3.30 a meter, why not do it myself?! They're going to love them!!

  5. Hi Toni,

    Thank you soooooooo much for this chart. I was looking for this for a long period. I’m hoping to start sewing kid dresses. This chart really helps me a lot.
    Thanks a ton again.

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