I can’t believe it’s been so long…

Today is Anthony’s and my 5 year anniversary!

And since so many of you are new followers here, I figured I would:

 1 – Help you get to know us a little better, 2 – show you some gorgeous photos,

and 3 – Brag about one of the most fabulous decisions I’ve ever made.

But before you start thinking that I’ve gone all mushy and am gonna begin raving about how wonderful and perfect my husband is, I promise… I’m not. It’s not that Ant isn’t great and all, but we’re just normal folk who get on each other’s nerves just like the rest of you. Marrying him was definitely a decent idea, but my greatest decision ever was to elope.

That’s right.

For those of you who don’t already know, Anthony and I met in Venice while we were studying abroad in Rome. We didn’t know it at the time, but we both attended Philadelphia University back home. I had no idea that we were in the same history class together, but Ant sure did! And when my roommate abandoned me during an art exhibit, he swooped right in and “rescued me”…from boredom. 😀

Little did we know that four years later we’d be back in Venice signing marriage papers that we couldn’t even read, 

and exchanging our vows with the help of a translator. 

And it would be perfect.

Unlike this guy…

But I suppose if he can put up with my special brand of crazy, then I better keep him!
Happy Anniversary to the guy who will probably never even read this. 

I love you anyway. ;D

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PS – In case you’re wondering what type of romantic evening we’ve got planned, 

I’ll let you know that it involves Pizza Hut and the Season opener. 

Go Ravens! 

PPS – More gratuitous wedding photos HERE, just because they’re pretty.

9 thoughts on “I can’t believe it’s been so long…

  1. So sweet!!! Love the romantic setting for your first encounter. Much better than "he sat across the room from me in law school", but I digress. Those are gorgeous photos! Congratulations to you both!!

    1. Thanks so much Chelle. I was an absolutely wonderful time! We were actually blessed enough to stay in Europe for 6 weeks, and the best part was that we actually spent LESS than most people average on a regular wedding! I'll take my awesome memories over drama & a fancy cake any day! ;D

  2. Beautiful pictures! This compliment may border on the bizarre, but in the photo of you in front of the mirror, you totally look like a Renaissance sculpture. I like it 🙂 Happy anniversary!

    1. Thanks Rachel, That's actually one my favorite pictures that has ever been taken of me. Ever! I can't get over how beautiful all our wedding pictures turned out since our photographer was Romania and barely spoke any Italian, let alone English! You know it was all his talent that made us look good, because we were absolutely clueless. Pantomiming in a wedding gown is definitely not one of my skills! 😀

  3. 1) *wolf whistles* hot mamma!
    2) WOW, look at your dress, your hair, your jewellery, your shoes…YOUR SHOES!!
    3) You look so young. You still look young now, but you look SO young then!
    4) You're fabulous, happy anniversary!

    1. 1)My biggest suggestion to any bride is to splurge on the perfect bra. My dress kept slipping down!
      2)Shoes=pretty, but impractical for a 2 hour photo-shoot wandering around cobblestone alleys. Ouch!
      3)Ha, Ant looks even younger! He has a mustache now, so he looks all of 15 in those pictures.
      4)Thanks! How long has it been for you 2?

    2. 1) I have seen many bride a'hitchin her dress up, so I sewed mine onto my scaffolding underneath 🙂
      2) Yeah, I bet! eek!
      3) Aww bless him, he's obviously had an easy life lol
      4) We got married January 2010 so 3 and a bit years. We've got some catching up to do on the kids front lol!

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