My Little Pony Costume Sew-Along – Day 10: Pegasus Wings

My Little Pony Costume Sew-Along - Day 10: Pegasus Wings

Sorry to keep you all waiting. I know some of you have been looking forward to this tutorial all week! The sew-along was moving along so well and then of course, the whole family came down with the shopping cart cooties. I’m sure most of you know the one I mean, where everyone starts coughing, sneezing, and pretty much covering every single symptom on the side of a Nyquil bottle.

It’s definitely no fun, so thanks for being patient with me!

What you’ll need:

fleece – fiberfill – a needle and thread – a lighter – fold over elastic 

Random Notes:
– Make sure you un-check the “fit to page” box when printing the pattern.
-You can substitute 1/4″ or 1/2″ elastic if you don’t have any foe.
-I’m using a sharpie so you can see the lines more easily, but if you want them to be invisible go with your 
Pilot Frixion pens, and use a hair dryer to erase the lines. (Remember to hold it at least a foot away!)

Print out the pattern and tape the parts together. If you want to print two copies and tape them together in
the center, you might have an easier time making the pieces symmetrical than trying to cut them on a fold. 
A giant thank you to Ant for making all the printables for this costume!

Trace and cut out your pattern being sure to include the three dots on each side.

Pin the two wing pieces right sides together leaving three small gaps along the bottom edge.
One in the center, one to the far left, and one to the far right like those pictured above.
I’ve marked the inner feathers so you can see how far to the left and right they need to be.

Stitch around the edge at 1/4″. You’ll need to go very slowly using the hand-wheel to work around the curves.
Every few stitches stop with the needle down, lift the presser foot, and pivot the fabric to help keep it on track. 
Honestly, this row alone takes me about 10 minutes. And that’s even after plenty of practice
 since I’ve already made more than a half dozen. Just take it slow.

When you come to a point, aim for the top edge of the dot. Pivot the fabric and make one stitch that jumps from the top of the dot to the bottom. This will make it easier to clip the points without accidently cutting through the stitches.

Clip the corners, trim the curves, and flip the wings right side out.

Top-stitch around the edge at 1/4″ again.

This time you don’t need to make any extra stitches at the points, just sew straight in and back out.

Line the feather template up with your top-stitching along the upper edge and trace.

Top-stitch along these lines on each side. Start with the first few stitches 
overlapping the outside row of stitching and work your way down.

Stuff the three sections working the fluff deep into the separate feathers.

Use a ladder stitch to close up the openings.

Push the stuffing back away from the seam, and use a few pins to keep the edge flat.

Top-stitch along the bottom edge.

Cut two pieces of elastic long enough to stretch around your child’s shoulder.
Use the lighter to seal the ends, and fold them under about 1/4 inch or so.
If you don’t have a kid handy, 9 inches long has worked well for me for a 3-4yr old size.
Hand stitch the ends of the elastic at the top and bottom where the inner and outer feathers meet.
How to make fleece costume pegasus or angel wings.

Now you’ve got an awesome pair of wings. 

Go ahead and try them on!

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21 thoughts on “My Little Pony Costume Sew-Along – Day 10: Pegasus Wings

  1. Yeah! You posted the wings! I've been eagerly awaiting them. I didn't want to make pants until I was sure there was enough fabric in the old blanket for wings and pants. Phew! Okay I suspect I should stop blabbing on the computer. I've a woodlouse costume, pony wings and pants and 12 superhero capes to make. I've got to stop looking at things and saying, "I could do that!" Rather, I should start looking and saying, "Do I have time for that?"

    (giggles…) not gonna happen. I'm too set in my ways.

    1. Hi Diana, Yes, the costumes are for sale in my Etsy shop (link in sidebar), but unfortunately they are currently sold out for the Halloween season. I'm beginning my Holiday schedule though, if you'd like to order one for Christmas. The play-sets are adjustable from roughly size 2T-8 so they make great gifts that last for years. Feel free to send me a message through Etsy, or e-mail me ( if you are interested.

  2. Thank you so much for posting the My Little Pony tutorials! My daughter is thrilled that she gets to be Rainbow Dash and I'm thrilled that she won't be wearing a cheap cheesy costume that she'll have to wear a jacket over to keep warm.
    She wants me to make Pinky Pie next, so I've been playing with the fleece to add curls to her mane and tail. Best so far is cutting out a circle and spiraling in. It doesn't really make curls, but it does give it more body. You can also just cut waves in the fleece, but it's not as fun as the spirals.

    1. You're very welcome Katie! Those cheesy little dresses that are in no way pony-like are exactly why I made the original costume. (and the ones with the plastic masks were even worse. Yuck!) I'm glad to be able to share something that the kids can actually wear outside, and can enjoy year round if the want to. Even the boys!

      I've tried a few different methods for Pinkie Pie's hair (including the spirals you mentioned) but I haven't come up with anything that is curly AND can make it through the washer. It seems to be one or the other, and I'm definitely more interested in the clean ones. 😉 I haven't given up on my experiments though, so if I come up with anything I'll be sure to share!

    2. I'm also interested in how to make Pinkie Pie's hair. I don't have anyone to make this for right now, but I'm hoping next year my niece will be old enough and into My Little Pony enough (that part is my job) to want one.

  3. This series is so awesome. My little girl has decided she needs to be a mermaid for Halloween this year, but when I see these posts I am seriously tempted to start working on convincing her to be a pony. 🙂

    1. Ha! You just have to let her start watching the show, and I promise she'll be begging to be a pony for next Halloween. I'm more worried that Aurelia will never want to be anything different! I'm thinking about at least trying for a Care Bear next year. Gotta flex those creative muscles. 🙂

  4. Loving the sew-along! I'm making two! I have not been able to find elastic to match my kids' costumes, so I'm playing with ways to attach the wings to the hoodie. Any suggestions? Velcro in the center? Snaps? Just plain old sew them on?

    1. Have you thought about trying clear elastic like they use for those "invisible" bra straps? I'm not sure where you're located, but I've definitely seen it available at both my local fabric stores. You could also make velcro shoulder straps similar to the belt we made for the tail, or just attach a simple ribbon at the top and bottom on each side and tie them on. Hope that helps. Thanks for following along, and Good Luck with your ponies!

  5. Hi 🙂 I am in love with your work!! Thanks so much for sharing :)) I am trying to print the wings template but it keeps coming up as the ears/horn page when I choose print – Let me know if you see this and can help me out :)) Thanks again!!!

  6. OMG. Between the 5 year old and 37 year old bronies in my house – my sewing list is never going to be the same again. :/ And I'm alright with that! And I'm not alright with that. And I'm alright with that!

  7. Thank You so much for sharing this pattern and tutorial. I just made my little girl the happiest of 4-year olds with a pair or rainbow dash wings!

  8. I’m curious why you choose to hand-stitch the elastic on, rather than sewing it into the wing seams. Any reason not to do that?

    1. Umm…Genius!
      Honestly, no idea why I’ve never thought of that, and I’ve made DOZENS of those darn things! O_o

      I normally try my best to explain instructions in a way that even someone who is new to sewing can follow. I can only suppose that at the time, I figured it would get in the way too much when you flip it right way out and try to sew the inner wing shape. But who knows?

      1. I wondered about that – the elastic could really get in the way when sewing the inner wings. I’m going to give it a shot though.

        A million thanks for this tutorial, Toni. I am an experienced quilter but man, oh man, this costume has introduced a world of new sewing skills for me! Making patterns, sewing on stretch knit fleece, zipper installation, working with elastic – the list goes on. I was injured and couldn’t work for six weeks, and figuring out this costume gave me a challenge, a distraction, and a purpose during much of that time. I’m back to work today, but hope to make the wings this weekend.

        My daughter has been wearing the pieces as I finish them – the tail went to preschool last week – so she thanks you, too!

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