Spike the Dragon Patterns

*Update – One-piece and two piece Spike costumes are now available in my Etsy shop!*

A few of you have requested a a tutorial for my Spike the Dragon costume from last year. I’ll definitely be sharing one eventually, but since it won’t be ready in time for Halloween, here are the “quick and dirty” pattern pieces for those of you who’d like to give it a try.


Please note on the patterns that there are 2 different options for the tail. One is meant to be attached to the Simplicity one-piece pattern (it’s so easy 1753), and the other is sized for a 2T pair of pants if you’d like to make a hoodie/pants version instead. You will need to make a few small adjustments for larger or smaller costumes, but the spikes are 2 layers sewn together, flipped right side out, and then placed in the center back seam just like we did with the mane for the pony costumes. The ears are 2 sewn together, flipped through a little hole, and then top-stitched similar to the wings. The green tummy is just a simple color-block seam, but if you are unsure how to adjust your pattern, you could always just stitch the green pieces on top of the final piece.

Hopefully you will be able to figure out the process from looking at the photos, but if you have any questions please let me know.

(Unless of course you are going to ask me to e-mail you a full set of step-by step instructions. Sorry. I don’t have extra time just now.)


Hope that helps!

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7 thoughts on “Spike the Dragon Patterns

    1. AHHHHHHH! I saw the message before I read the name, and I almost screamed. Ha!
      Don't tell me if you've shared anything "life changing" on your site lately, because I've been so swapped I haven't read a blog post from anyone in almost 2 weeks! My bloglovin' keeps telling me that I have over 2500 unread posts, and the number keeps rising. It very well may take me til Christmas to dig out of this hole! 😀

  1. Hello. Thank you for your tutorial and patterns. You are beyond talented. I don't have the time or ability to sew the whole outfit but I'd like to add the spikes and tail to a purple fleece outfit.
    How do you get the spikes to stand up and not flop over? And could you advise how I should attach the lime green fleece fabric chest?

  2. I would love to purchase the pattern but it says your etsy shop is on break. Would you allow me to purchase it? I’d love the Rainbow Dash as well. Thanks!

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Sorry for the mix-up, but there are no My Little Pony patterns availible for purchase in the shop. Those are actual costumes that I personally sew for followers who are less DIY inclined. If you’re planning to make your own pony costume, I explain how to create your own simple patterns in the first few steps of the tutorial, and then provide you with the more complicated pieces (ears, wings, etc.) as free downloads. It’s all FREE!!!

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