My Little Ponies made by YOU!

Wow! I’m happy, sad, and mostly relieved that Halloween is finally over.  More later about why our house has been so crazy, but right now let’s have a bit of fun. I’ve been receiving loads of great photos in my inbox and on facebook from Moms (no Dads yet) who took part in the My Little Pony sew-along. I’ve been completely blown away by the amazing job everyone has done, and really wanted to share a few of them here so you guys could join me in appreciating all their hard work.

DIY Rainbow Dash children's costumes

Rainbow Dash was far an away the most popular character this season,
and I’m sure these costumes would definitely receive her 20% Cooler stamp of approval!

DIY Twilight Sparkle children's costumes
Twilight Sparkle also made a good showing this Halloween, probably due to her new Princess status in the show.
 I mean they all just look so happy, and check out that amazing crown addition! 
DIY Fluttershy children's costumes
Pinkie Pie and Applejack didn’t seem to see much action this time around, 
but these precious little Fluttershys definitely made up for their absence in my book. 
How adorable are they? Just makes you want to snuggle them!
DIY My Little Pony children's costumes - Nightmare Moon, Celestia, Cadence, Spike
By far the most surprising turn out was the Princesses. There were not just one, but two awesome Nightmare Moon 
(Evil Luna) costumes, a gorgeous princess Celestia, and a Cadence/Twilight mash-up that I’m officially naming a princess too. 
I mean seriously, her pretty pink and purple combo just screams royalty right?
And of course we can’t forget Spike. As much as I love my ponies, there is just something 
completely irresistible about a tiny purple dragon. He’s just too darn cute!
Congratulations ladies on all your amazing work!
You definitely made the coolest Halloween costumes out there this year! 
at least in my humble opinion. 😉

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14 thoughts on “My Little Ponies made by YOU!

    1. Thanks SJ! I grew up with the vintage ponies too (guess that makes me old!), and would love to make costume versions of a few of the original characters.

    1. Thanks so much for sewing-along Reagan! They are a bit addicting, and the ears are so easy once you've made the first pair. I love making them in a bunch of different colors!

  1. Thanks so much for the tutorials, this was a fun process!… my first-grade Rainbow Dash met another first-grade Rainbow Dash at a Halloween carnival… her mom had also joined the sew-along and we live in the same neighborhood!

    1. That's so awesome Kelly! I was secretly hoping that we would bump into another pony while we were trick-or-treating so that I could squeal like a crazy person and meet one of my followers in person. It's cool to know there are out there though, even if I don't get to see them myself. Maybe next year!

    1. Thanks Brook! You were definitely the cutest "biker chick" I've ever seen! My Dad and little brother both got motorcycles last year (Dad had one when I was first born too), but I've been too much of a sissy to go for a ride yet.

  2. Sooo precious! I found this post too late but if I had stumbled upon it sooner my daughter definitely would have been a My Little Pony character for Halloween! I'll have to keep this bookmarked for next year! Thanks for sharing! I have really really enjoyed your blog and all your cool ideas! I recently started a blog but it has no where near the amount of cool posts you have! Hope to get there soon though. =)

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