Christmas Cherries

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Christmas Cherry Cookie Recipe

I want to preface this recipe by letting you all know that this is the first time I’ve ever made these cookies. They are not ones that I would normally add to my holiday baking list, and I honestly can’t even bring myself to eat them. I’m not a fan of citrus flavored baked goods, and I absolutely can’t stand walnuts. (They just taste like wax to me!)

So I’m sure you are wondering what would possibly make me share a recipe that I don’t even like during a series that’s all about delicious cookies. The answer is simple. I’ve asked my guests to share their FAMILY’s favorite cookies, and this is mine. My Dad absolutely adores these little things, and my Gramma (who also loves them!) makes them especially for him every Christmas. 

Holiday Citrus Cookie Recipe

Aurelia and Corbin wouldn’t eat them either, but Ant tells me that they “aren’t too bad”. To each their own.

We all enjoy different flavors, and I guess sometimes we just have to make a few baking sacrifices for the people we love! 

At least we know the kids won’t ruin their dinner with them, and they do look nice and festive on the cookie plate. 

Christmas Cherries Cookie Recipe: Sugar Tart Crafts

Are there any cookies that you bake just for a certain family member?

I make these Chewy Peanut Butter ones specifically for Ant every Christmas, 

and then I make these Chocolate Dipped Shortbread cookies just for me.

Mine always seem to have extra help disappearing though! 

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