Snowy Pinecone Centerpiece

Just in case you missed it, I’m bringing home a post today that I shared over at Persia Lou during Alexis’ Handmade Holiday series. 
Even though Christmas is over, this would still make a great winter decoration to carry you until Spring. Enjoy!
Hi there fellow holiday crafters! I’m Toni from over at Sugar Tart Crafts where I mostly blog about sewing tips, kids clothes, and pretty much anything else that will allow me to avoid the chores I should be doing. I was super flattered when Alexis asked If I’d like to be part of her Holiday series! She’s just so awesome and creative, how could I say no?
I wanted to stretch my creative muscles, and decided to share something a little bit outside my comfort zone. Home decor is definitely not my forte, and our apartment is sadly lacking in the festive decoration department. (sad. bland. white. bleh.) I love that this project can be used as either a centerpiece or a mini wreath depending on your decorating needs.
Super cute right? And it definitely doesn’t hurt that it’s so easy it can be made in about 30 minutes!
Stuff you’ll need:
Pinecones – Dark brown paint – Snow-Tex – Hot glue – Paintbrush – Kraft knife – Compass – Pliers
Your preferred size of candle (mine is 5″) – A piece of cardboard slightly larger than your chosen candle

I picked up my pinecones during the after Christmas sales at Target last year, and they were sold wrapped together in neat little clusters of three. If your pinecones came in similar bunches, you’ll need to use pliers to remove the wire stems. If you were lucky enough to find a big bag of pinecones or scrounge them from your yard, ignore the wire bit and just sort through them looking for the ones with the flattest bottoms.

To make the base, trace around the bottom of your candle onto your piece of cardboard. It’s important that the pinceone be close to the candle but not quite toughing it, so use a compass to add a 1/2 inch “buffer area” around the bottom edge. Next draw another circle roughly 1-1 1/4inches from the buffer line to mark the outside edge.  Cut out your base using the larges circle as your guide.

Paint the circle dark brown to help hide any bits of cardboard that might peak through the tiny gaps between the pinecones. If you’d like to make the wreath option, also cut along the buffer line to form a ring. Check to make sure that your base is thinner than the width of your pincones so the majority of the ring stays hidden.

Set your candle in the center of the ring, and hot glue the pincones in place. 
Make sure there is enough wiggle room that you can easily remove the candle later.

Once the hot glue has set, use a paintbrush to liberally apply Snow-Tex to the pinecones. There really isn’t any real technique for the snow. I just kinda scoop it up with my brush and smoosh it all over. You can even sprinkle on some glitter while it’s still wet if you’d like to and a little more glitz to your decor.

Add a few sprigs of greenery for a rustic table centerpiece, or loop a sparkly ribbon through the center and hang it as a wreath. You’ll even have plenty of snow-tex leftover to make a batch of glittery snowball ornaments for your tree too. Then stop on over to Sugar Tart Crafts and let me know what else you’d like to see covered in snow. I’ve already got my fingers crossed for a white Christmas!

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