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Getting ready to type up the obligatory “Top 10 of 2013” post, I was feeling that I hadn’t truly done a lot of blogging this past year. If you’re a regular around here, you already know that I tend to fall off the blogging wagon from time to time (ok, more like every other month!) but I’m actually pretty proud of the few BIG things I was able to accomplish during 2013. 

I helped plan, decorate, and bake for my little cousin’s 16th birthday party, created my first full collection of kid’s clothes this summer, began a weekly series to share helpful sewing tips (Remember what I said about falling off the wagon? Don’t worry though, these are coming back!)hosted my first sew-along making My Little Pony costumes for Halloween, and finally opened a Sugar Tart Crafts Etsy shop.

Best Sewing tutorials of 2013 : Sugar Tart Crafts
Favorite Sewing Tips of 2013 : Sugar Tart Crafts
Sewing Tips
Best Recipes and Cake Tutorials of 2013 : Sugar Tart Crafts
 Recipes and Cake tutorials
Reader Favorites of 2013 : Sugar Tart Crafts

Other Fun Stuff

1. 25 Things I wish I had know about blogging   2. Chalk-paint wine glasses   3. Glitter snowball ornaments

4. A bare naked Mother’s Day   5. Carved eggshell experiments

Of course there are always plenty more “I wish I would have had time to…” plans, but I’m happy to have crossed a few major projects off my to do list. Today is also the 3rd anniversary of my little corner of the interwebs, and I’d like to thank you all for coming along for the ride! Hopefully now that I’ve learned the process behind collection posts, sew-alongs, and shop orders, there will be many more of each in STC’s future. It’s been so fun making new friends and swapping creative ideas with you guys!

Thank you for another great year!

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