My (honest) 2014 Resolution

It can be pretty rough some most days trying to keep everything up in the air as we juggle being a: wife, mother, creative blogger, house cleaner, laundry folder, seamstress, decorating diva, appointment keeper, helpful friend, etsy entrepreneur, and all around strong and amazing woman. We all know by now that it’s just not possible to do everything, for everyone, all the time. 

But that doesn’t stop us from trying!

Recently there seem to have been an awful lot of posts in my Bloglovin’ feed about what it’s REALLY like to be a blogger. (This one is my absolute favorite!) I’m not sure if the constant pressure has begun to get to us collectively or what, but it’s become a big deal recently to let our readers know that we aren’t one of “Those Bloggers”.  You know, the perfect ones with the most AMAZING husband in the world, gorgeous kids, impeccable style, magazine worthy home decor, and a blog that’s practically raking in the dough. 

I think it’s great that so many of us are decrying this illusion of perfection, 

but I don’t want to tell you that I’m not one of those perfect bloggers. 

I’d much rather tell you who I AM. My 2014 New Year’s resolution is to Be Myself.

(My 2013 resolution really helped get me to this point!)

I don’t share many photos of myself, so I’m sure most of you imagine me looking 

like my picture over there on the sidebar, but it’s time to be honest…

Toni's "be myself" resolution
Yep, that’s Aurelia. Which means the picture up there is over 4 years old.

This is what it really looks like around here…

Toni's "be myself" resolution
Hi! I’m Toni.
And this year I’m going to be…
  • That wonderful Person who loves reading more than she loves sleep, hates washing dishes, is really shy until you get to know her, and is most happy when she is sporting techni-colored hair. (raspberry, red, or teal are my favorites if you’re wondering.)
  • The Girl who traveled Europe just because others said she couldn’t, but still has no idea how to apply make-up “properly”. 
  • The Mom who wants to watch the next episode of My Little Ponies even more than her children, dreams of taking riding lessons with them, and frequently imagines designing a mute button so they will “Just stop talking for 5 minutes!” 
  • The Wife who drives her husband nuts by speaking in riddles, hoarding every. little. thing. because “Someone might need it one day”, and also trying to convince him that you can make almost anything better with a can of spray paint.
  •  The Blogger who has BIG plans, but never quite seems to have the attention span to see them through, can’t stand Facebook, and who disappears for weeks at a time. 
  • The Seamstress who owns more fabric than one person should, and constantly buys more because she can never decide which one would be perfect for each project. 
  • The Fashion Designer who never makes or buys herself any new clothes.
  • The Crafter who is a regular jack of all trades but master of none, and probably has fewer finished projects than she has WIP’s.
Toni's "be myself" resolution
I’m a cheapskate,
 iced tea addict,
know it all,
 breakfast skipper, 
terrible interior designer, 
list maker,
vegetable hater,
flip phone user,
country song belter, 
all around eccentric.
Who are you going to be this year?

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13 thoughts on “My (honest) 2014 Resolution

  1. I love this post! And I love you 🙂 Thanks for being you, the real pink-haired honest awesome you (I don't know how you do it, because heaven knows I couldn't, but you ROCK that pink hair). Sometimes the internet sucks, but nice big fat doses of reality make it awesome.

    1. Awww, Love you too Rachel! You know I can't explain it, but Ant always says that going bright with my hair changes my whole personality. It doesn't make sense, but it makes me so much more happy and energetic than when I'm just a regular old brown. It's not for everyone obviously, but it's definitely more ME. (Now I just need a wish that will let me make it grow that color so I don't have to do so much maintenance! 😉

  2. You have the most beautiful eyes. Your daughter is lovely. I am getting used to techni-colored hair, my sons girlfriend has blue. Took awhile to get on board with green, black, blue and yellow nails, now I love all styles of polish. Guess I am slow. Your picture is lovely and thanks for all the "truth". Have followed you for a while and love everything you post.

    1. Thanks so much Regena! You're too sweet, and definitely not slow. It takes a good while to get used to it, just like any other new (to you) thing. I've been dyeing my hair fun colors off and on for the last seven years, and my grandparents still love to ask me "What happened to you head?" We're from a very small town so it was a shock at first, but now Gramma just shrugs he shoulder and says "It's just hair."

  3. Love this post Toni!!! I had no idea that you had pink hair! I always thought that would be fun, but I don't know if I could ever be brave enough! Thanks for being such a wonderful bloggy friend!

    1. Thanks Jessica! I know I'm still a bit shy, but I'm so glad you reached out!
      I was going to say I don't feel very brave, but since it's my husband who wields the bleach, I'm pretty sure I' have to be. 😉 During 2013 I had teal and 2 different shades of pink, but I feel like no one really knows because there aren't any pictures of me. I'm definitely in that "Mom behind the camera" situation. Gotta fix that!

    1. Thank you Alexis! I am planning to update my sidebar once I get a chance to take a better picture. Maybe after I've watched enough youtube video to teach myself how to use my make-up. 😀

    1. Haha, I wish Samantha! I've had Corbin since that first picture (and the baby weight that came with him!), so I think it's much more likely I've just learned how to turn so I "look" skinnier. Thanks for the thought though! I'm all for honestly, but I photoshop Reli in most of her pics, so you better believe I'm helping myself out a little! (notice the lack or dark circles…Thank you magic airbrush!) Corbin did grow a neck though, which he is obviously happy to show off. 🙂

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