Just another cliche Valentine’s Day…

We decided to devote an entire week to the holiday of love, and things around here went pretty much exactly how you’d expect from a ridiculously romantic family like ours. I mean, it’s actually kinda sickening how similar we are to one of those sappy commercials.
Of course, Ant decided to take off work so he could spend
some quality time with his awesome family.
Clearing the snow in VA
We got 14+ inches of snow and he had no choice but to stay home both Thursday and Friday.

While Ant was busy making breakfast and watching the kids,
I was able to take a luxuriously long hot shower. 
Cleaning soap scum out of the shower
I spent all day Monday scrubbing about a pound and a half of soap scum out of our shower. 
I also set up the muffin mix the night before so that everything was ready to go for breakfast. 😉

Then I was lucky enough to enjoy some quite time and organize my “thoughts”.
New Sewing Room
Organizing a fabric bookcase
Yay for sewing rooms! There’s still a LOT of organizing to be done, but at least it’s a start. 
What Valentine’s Day would be complete without a romantic dinner in front of a roaring fire?
Play Room Distruction
  Wow, there is still one giant box of toys off to the right there that hasn’t been dumped out yet!

And since I know you’re all on pins and needles 
wondering if I got any gifts…
We got a puppy!
I’m not sure what breed he is, but he looks like a cotton-poly mix to me.
It’s he just the cutest? We named him Fire-Hazard.
Clean out your dryer vent!
For the love of crickets! Please, please please get one of these (you might need an extension kit too) and clean out your dryer vents people! I’m completely shocked that the old owner didn’t accidently burn the house down. Who doesn’t notice when the dryer takes 3 cycles to finish drying a single (very small) load?! 
I spent all day Wednesday dismantling, cleaning, and then rebuilding or dryer air ducts. So gross!

After all that excitement, I couldn’t wait to put the kids to bed early
and enjoy a quiet night alone with my wonderful husband.
Ready for bed - books, chocolate, and sleeping pills!
Seriously though, after the week I’ve had moving, scrubbing, unpacking, and painting, I’d go so far as to say that I deserve a massage. 
But since we all know how much I enjoy those, I’d say reading, sleeping, and binging on chocolate are equally well deserved.
How was your Valentine’s Day?
Did you do anything special?

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6 thoughts on “Just another cliche Valentine’s Day…

    1. Come on now, you know what constitutes romantic around here. Do you really wish that on me? I bet you just wanna hear more horror stories that you can laugh at me for!

    1. I wish! I've filled a few orders, but haven't had time to be super awesome yet. I did buy my new desk today and FINALLY set up my new toy though! *happy dance* Now I just have to read all the instructions and start experimenting. You should be getting pictures from me soon, because someone just requested Nightmare Moon and it's going to be too cute for words!

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