House Tour Part 2 : Second Floor

 In case you missed it; You can check out Part 1 for a look at our plans for the Kitchen, Dining, and Living rooms. 
Today though we’re gonna head upstairs and see what kind of damage I can do in the Bedrooms and Bathrooms. Fun!
Plans for updating a peach stairwell
Makeover plans for a peach hallway
Upstairs Stairwell and Hallway
I’m not sure that these pictures truly do it justice, but this area is a WHOLE lot of peach. The previous owner obviously had a thing for the seashore, but seeing as we’re at least 2 hours from the closest beach, and 4 hours from the ocean, I just don’t quite get it.
– Paint. No ideas on a color yet, but almost any other neutral would be an improvement.
– Re-caulk all the cracked trim. I’ve already scraped most of the old stuff out, so the rest should be easy.
– Reorganize the closets. I’d love to swap out the wire shelving, but we’ll see.
– Change the color of the banister and railing? This will likely only happen if I can convince Ant to change the hardwood floors too.
Master bedroom makeover plans
Plans for updating a master bedroom
Master Bedroom
Have you all noticed yet that our house is pretty much straight out of an Ikea catalog? Don’t get me wrong.
I love Ikea, but after going through at least 5 moves, this Malm set-up has seen much better days.
– Make a new bed. I’m thinking about DIYing one of those cute tufted headboards that have been so popular lately.
– Get new dressers and end tables. It doesn’t look like there’s any hope in salvaging the old ones.
– Paint: Ant and I have tentatively agreed on a color (nothing short of a miracle!), but it could end up being a bit too dark. Gotta test it.
– The mirror was left behind by the old owner and I can’t decide if it should stay where it is or go down to the dining room to hang above the (imaginary) buffet table. Either way I think it needs some kind of frame.
– Curtains: I like the black-out ones that we used before, but the design in my head will probably look better with sheers. Hmm, Do I want it to look pretty or do I want to get more sleep? That’s not even really a question is it?
– Yay, more brass stuff! Who wants to come over for a spray painting party?

Master closet before the makeover
Master Closet
As you can see, I pretty much never have a reason to even go in here. Of my whopping 8 hangers, one is a scarf holder, and 2 are cardigans that still have the tags on a year after I bought them. Oh well, I’d still like to get rid of the wire shelving and make it nicer. Or maybe I should put the makeover money towards buying myself a new wardrobe instead. What do you think?
*For those of you who are wondering, my clothes are in the 3 drawer dresser in the bedroom pictures above.
Plans for updateing a master bathroom
Master Bathroom
Where do I even start in here? I’m not completely sold on the boring white tiles, but I’m not sure 
if I want to rip everything out and start over, or just try to liven it up with some paint. 
– We’ve got another super snazzy border to take down.
– Replace the sink/counter top. There is a giant crack in the bowl of the sink and even though it doesn’t leak, it’s still ugly.
– Paint or replace the vanity cabinet. I can’t help myself. Wood just shouldn’t be orange…It weirds me out. 
– The floor of the shower (the bottom plastic liner part) was painted. Who does that? Anyway, they didn’t even bother to scrub off the existing soap scum before painting, so it’s all cracked and peeling. Gross.
– Re-grout the cracks in the shower. I have no idea how to do this, but there’s always google.
– The vanity light… Well just look at it. It’s pretty much the same one they put in every basic house/apartment everywhere. Lets update!
– The extra mirrors were left behind by the old owner, and I’m not sure what to do with them.
– The flooring is linoleum, and if we do decide to do a major overhaul, that’ll be going away too.

Kid's fish theme bathroom
Main Bathroom
This is pretty much the only room in the house that actually looks a little “put together”, and that’s only because I took everything from the bathroom at the apartment and tossed it in here. I’m sure we’ll at least update it with a new coat of paint eventually, but it’s probably the lowest room on our list of priorities. Seriously, the kids aren’t gonna mind – Corbin isn’t even potty trained yet! (Gotta work on that too.)
Plans to update a little boy's room
Corbin’s Bedroom
Speaking of Corbin, his room looks like a tiny mint colored box right now, and I honestly have no idea what to do with it. We decided to carry over the “woodland” theme from the apartment, but while I had a great plan for the old room, here I’m drawing a complete blank.
– Paint. Most likely a different shade of green, or a sky blue kind of color. 
– Get rid of the crib and bring over Reli’s old toddler bed. 
– Find a coordinating dresser.
– Mend and hang the curtains from the old room. (They’re super cool. I can’t believe I’ve never shared them before!)
Install some kind of light fixture. Not sure if it’ll be a lamp, or ceiling light or what, but right now we’re only using the window.
Wall art and decor thingys: We’ve got a few of those big Ikea leaves, and I’d like to keep the tree trunk nook and the grass rug (Two more projects I never shared. Duh!), but no ideas beyond that. 
Plans to update a little girl's room
Plans to update a little girl's room

Aurelia’s Bedroom

This is the first room we’re going to tackle because I (kinda) have a plan about what I want to do. Of course, Reli keeps telling me that she wants a giant My little Pony mural complete with a castle, sunshine, and flowers, but since I’m not quite up for that right now, I’ve decided to go in a more “shabby chic” kind of direction. I’m not thinking all frilly pastels though, so we’re going to shoot for a more garden feel with brighter pinks, greens, and blues. I’ve already bought the bedding, and the daybed was actually left behind by the previous owner, so at least we have a place to start.

– Paint: We’ll probably go with a light to medium shade of pink. I’m not opposed to dots, stripes, ombre, or any other really fun painting techniques, but I’ll need to coordinate it with whatever furniture we can find.

– Move the walnut bed over to Corbin’s room. (My Dad actually made it, but more about that later!)

-Pick up some new blinds. These ones are broken and are currently tied to the curtain rod hooks to keep them up.

– Purge/donate/pack away all the kid’s too small clothes. We’ve currently got boxes of them spread over 3 different houses!

– Take back my dresser, and find a new one for Reli. I’m picturing a wide 6 drawer piece with a large mirror above it.

– Choose either a tall desk, bookcase, or armoire. I’d love to paint it a fun bright color.

– Get a new mattress. (That was left behind as well, and it kinda creeps me out.)

– Remove the closet door, add a curtain, and make the inside pretty somehow. 

– We’ll need some wall art in here too – Maybe some big cute empty frames.

Well, I suppose that’s it for the upstairs. I’m working right now to pull together an inspiration board for each of the bedrooms, so I’ll definitely be sharing those in the next few weeks. Then you guys can help me out and give your opinions. There seem to be a bajillion ideas bouncing around in my head, and each time I hit up google or pinterest in an attempt to straighten it out, things only get worse. 

There’s just too much awesomeness!!!

In the mean time though we’ll finish up the tour of the basement and sewing room because I know your all still waiting for that. 😉

So tell me, where do you go for decorating ideas? Magazines, Blogs, Pinterest, Ikea, Websites like Pottery Barn? 

I already love Design Seeds for color palettes, but I really need to bring it all together somehow.

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    1. I like that color too, but Reli has pretty much insisted on pink. I'm thinking about making one of the bathrooms or the laundry room purple instead.
      Scuba Elmo just seemed to fit in the fish room. Now if you have the Cars seat too, then we can be super twinners! 😀

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