House Tour Part 4: Sewing Room

I know you’ve all seen those gorgeous craft rooms where everything is light, airy, and completely color coordinated.
The space is so organized and dreamy that it makes you wish you could just visit and craft forever.
That is NOT what my room will be like.
Nope, not at all. My room will be cram packed with years worth of hoarded fabric, yarn, paper, ribbons, thread, patterns, knick-knacks, do-dads, and what-nots. It will be full of pencils, pens, markers, scribbles, and more lists than any one person could possibly keep track of in their lifetime. Almost every single surface (including the floor!) will be covered with some sort of something, and certain folks may actually be frightened to enter sometimes. (Honestly, I’m not sure why those people would want to visit me in the first place.) 
But the thing is, I don’t think I’d have it any other way.
I love looking at those beautiful rooms just as much as the rest of you, but they just aren’t me. 
I am messy. I am random. And I often work on a dozen different projects at a time.
This room will be mine! Now let me show you what I plan to do with it…
– Paint: I think I’ve chosen the perfect color, but it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t waffle for a little longer. (spoiler alert – it’s teal!)
– Get an Algot stand for the printer to sit on, and maybe another one for under the table to hold embroidery machine goodies.
– Install a shelf above the desk for some of my cute knick-knacks.
– Find a new desk chair. Maybe I’ll steal mine back from Ant and make a slipcover for it.
– Add a giant piece of sheet metal to the wall between the computer and shelf. A magnet board is just what I need to help corral my lists!
– The third thread rack is already hung, but that wall could still use a bit of art or decorations of some kind.
– Add more color! Right now everything is pretty much a boring blue or white. We need some pink, green, and patterns!

– We’ve already added shelves to the left side of the window to match the right, but I’d like to paint them all a pretty color.
– Hang a white board on this wall so I can keep better track or my Etsy orders and collections. More lists!
– Add a curtain rod above the white board and use it to hang backdrops for photo-shoots.
– Build a cutting table to help store a good chunk of my random crafting supplies.

The cutting table is by far the project I’m most looking forward to. I’ve designed it to work for my specific needs,
and since my dad already has all the necessary skills and tools, he’s agreed to help me build it. Yay!

The top will be 40×60 so I can work will more than a full yard of fabric without having to keep wiggling it (or myself) to make things fit.
On each end will be a mini 3×3 Expedit kind of shelf/drawer/paper cubbie combo thing where I can store all my yarn, scrapbook paper, zippers, do-dads, etc. Then between the two end units will be more shelves where I can stash my bolts of fleece. I’m even considering adding a magnetic bar for my scissors, and a few hooks to keep my clear rulers handy. And to make it even better, the whole thing will be on casters so I can move it into the center of the room if I’m cutting out large pieces. Doesn’t that just sound amazing?
It’s like sewer’s bliss actually, and I’m so excited to start working on it! **insert fangirl squeal**

Moving on…
– Paint and organize the shelves. 
– Give the bookcase a makeover with a fun new color.
– Hang some kind of garland or bunting above the window.

Holy cow I’ve got a lot of junk!

– The paint rack was already hung above the light switches, but it still needs to be sanded and painted.

– Hang the pegboard vertically beside the bookcase.

– Find drawers (maybe more Algot ones) to stick below the pegboard as storage for my Etsy shop back-stock.

– Paint the ugly grey screw drawer organizer.

– Decide weather or not to keep the ceiling fan

Well, I guess that’s it!

If you’ve been following along through parts one, two, and three, you can see that I’ve got plenty of work ahead of me.

And when I say me, I mean Ant. Oh wait no, I really mean me. 😉 Of course it won’t all be done at the same time, and some of it may not even be finished this year, but at least we have a plan. So now if I randomly disappear from the blog for weeks at a time, as I’m wont to do, at least you’ll all know that I’m off on some kind of sanding/caulking/painting whim that couldn’t wait a minute longer. 

Happy Friday!

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