Getting a little carried away…

Hi all! I totally meant to write up a great house tour post this morning, but… well, then there was this draft in the basement.

I looked all over for the draft-stopper thingy to just lay in front of the slider, but that little sucker was nowhere to be found. So the next thing you know I’m pulling up the carpet, ripping the baseboards off the wall, and squishing caulk into every gap I can find. 

You’re all following the logic here right?. . . Great! I knew you would.

Anyway, I’m still not 100% positive that I’ve completely blocked all the drafts yet, but I’m pretty sure our little house tour is gonna have to wait til tomorrow. I’ve gotta come up with some kind of plausible explanation (or at least a really great dinner) that I can feed Ant when he gets home tonight. I already know the eyes are gonna roll! 😀

I always seem to get this way when it comes to home improvements. You don’t even wanna hear about the day

I spent scraping the caulk out of the trim on our 3 staircases. Yeah, I still haven’t fixed that yet either.

What kind of projects do you tend to get carried away with? 

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2 thoughts on “Getting a little carried away…

  1. This sounds so familiar. I have a really hard time staying on task with anything. I was just going to sweep the floor before I made breakfast and then next thing I know I've pulled everything out of the pantry and I'm in the middle of a giant organizing project. Good luck with the draft hunt!

    1. So glad I'm not the only one Alexis! I even get distracted half way through these kinds of things. One minute I'm reorganizing the pantry, and then the next I'm scrubbing the inside of the fridge with the pantry food still scattered around the kitchen. It's so bad, but at least the intentions are good!

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