House Tour Part 1 : First Floor

We’ve been moved into the new house for about a month now, and do you know what that means?
It means that I’ve pretty much been putting off doing a house tour for about a month now too. I’m not sure why exactly, but part of me kept saying “after I get this fixed I’ll do it. No wait, after I get that fixed.” And then I finally realized that if I just suck it up and show you the most terrible, cluttered, dirty, REAL before photos, then my after pictures will just look that much more awesome. And trust me, my decor skills need as much help as they can get!
So without further ado, this is how our house looked as of last week, along with a few of my very vague plans to transform it. 
And don’t forget, you guys darn sure better let me know if I mention wanting to do something that sounds totally stupid. 
I promise I’ll trust your judgement over mine in this department.
Updates we plan to make to the front of the house
The Front Yard/Exterior
The HOA pretty much limits us from changing anything out here, but we do have a few projects we’d like to tackle. 
-The storm door wasn’t installed properly, so we need to fix the frame, and fill in all the drafty bits.
-The bricks under the stairs have a few cracks, and since my Dad just happens to be a mason, I’m gonna have him look at these and fix them up however he thinks is best. (This one is definitely not in my skill set.)
-The bay window needs to be completely re-caulked before the wasps and birds move in, and I’d love to figure out a way to insulate the underside because the dining room floor is downright freezing.
Anthony is also super excited to be able to finally do some landscaping! But so far we haven’t been able to agree on much.
 Those lower windows are to my sewing room, and after practically living in a cave for the past 3 years, I don’t want to risk blocking any of my newly acquired light! (especially since the tree will already be shading it once it blooms) Unfortunately that takes most of my favorite flowers right off the table. 🙁
 I want to add lots of pretty colors, but Peonies, Lilacs and Hydrangeas all grow too large, I don’t care for Petunias, and Pansies are just boring. I’m thinking maybe some Balloon or Bell flowers would be nice, or possibly a kind of Miniature Rose. If it’s not too late for bulbs, I might even try some Ranunculous. They’re so lovely! (as long a I don’t accidently kill them, which is a definite possbility)
Updates we plan to make to the dining room
Updates we plan to make to the dining room
 The Dining Room
Isn’t it funny how you can go from having too much junk to fit comfortably in an apartment to having a house that looks
completely devoid of furniture? Obviously our old dining table just isn’t gonna cut it in here. Sorry Ikea.

– Hit up the Salvation Army for a new 6 place dining set. (A table with an extender leaf would be great for Holidays!)
– Find a nice buffet/sideboard/credenza type thingy to go along the left-hand wall.
– Brass, brass, and more brass. Replace it, spray paint it, and go to whatever lengths necessary to get rid of it forever!
– Figure out what kind of drapes work on a bay window and take down the goofy mini blind over the door.
– We’re probably gonna need a really big mirror or piece of wall art to go above the buffet table.
– Paint. We haven’t the slightest idea what color though, so this may very well be the last step in the process.
– Do something about that weird piece of mini chair rail on the left in the second picture. Longer or Gone altogether? It’s odd.

Updates we plan to make to the kitchen
Terrible speckled epoxy countertops
Plan for adding a pantry to the kitchen
The Kitchen
I’m pretty sure it was our second full day here when Ant suddenly proclaimed that he hated everything about the kitchen, and it needed to be completely overhauled. Ok maybe, but since he likes dark cabinets and I like light ones, it’s not a project we’ll be starting right away.
In the mean time we’ll…
– Get rid of the border. I’m sorry if you like them, but I grew up with these in almost every room, and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen one that didn’t look tacky. Maybe in a nursery…maybe. But this apple/basket stuff has got to go. Soon.
– Build a pantry in the “breakfast nook” area so we’ll have more storage. (It’s sad I know. Go ahead and laugh at my drawing 🙂
– The counters wont be changed in the near future, but I just had to point them out. We assume that they started out as regular old (hunter green) laminate, but the old owner decided to try to make them look high end with some kind of paint on fleckled epoxy kinda stuff. The result was pretty much a splotchy, drippy, chipping mess. Who wants a textured counter? You can’t roll out cookies!
– The cabinets are pretty standard builder grade oak colored things, but like I said, we don’t know how we’ll update those yet.
– The knobs on the sink fall off pretty frequently so we should probably fix/change those too.
– The floors are cracked/dinged/burned linoleum that could use a lot of help.
Ok, so Ant’s right. This baby needs an update! 
If I can convince him that we need to go with white cabinets and grey counter tops what colors would you suggest for the walls and floor? I kinda figure that since there aren’t any windows we need to make it as bright as possible. Oh, and don’t tell Ant, but I’m not married to the oak hardwood in the dining room, so I’d be happy to swap them if they don’t match my awesome new kitchen…eventually.

First floor hallway
Updates we plan to make to the living room
Plans for the living room built in

The Living Room

So yeah, we don’t own a single flat screen tv. Heck we only have one tv to begin with! 

Way back when we first got married, I pretty much told Ant that he couldn’t have a fancy new tv until we bought our first house. I was almost certain he would “accidently” drop our big ol’ monster during one of our moves, but he must have known I was serious about this. I honestly don’t see any reason for getting a new tv until or current one dies, but this past Christmas Ant’s Dad and Uncle actually started asking if they could buy us one. Needless to say, now that we’ve moved, someone is practically giddy with the prospect of upgrading.

– Banish the sponge paint…and the beige…and the brass. How many of you noticed the light switch and outlet covers? Snazzy right?

– Fake a “built in” for the new tv, our massive book collection, and as a way to hide our movies, games, cd collection, etc.

– Find a new sofa, chair, and coffee table set. We’re planning to move the old ones down to the basement for the kids.

– Get a new desk and chair for Ant’s computer, filing, and “stuff”. 

– Find a new home for the secretary desk. We’d like to keep it, but don’t know where it’ll fit in.

– Install a new thermostat. Those programmable ones seem pretty nifty.

Ta da! That’s it for the first floor.

(Well except for the powder room behind the front door. We don’t use that one unless we want to freeze our tushes off!) 

Anywho, if you actually made it the whole way trough my mess of ramblings you’re awesome! You totally deserve a cookie. But since I haven’t figured out how to reach through the computer just yet, you’ll just have to settle for a “Yay, You Rock!” because you do. a lot. 

Now some time in the next few days we’ll also be walking through the upstairs, basement, and then everybody’s favorite, the sewing room. I know that’s what you guys really want to see, but since that’s the only room I actually have a plan for, we’ve got to muddle through the boring stuff first. And like I said, if you’ve got and ideas, or I said something dumb, Please, please, please let me know! 

Happy Monday!

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4 thoughts on “House Tour Part 1 : First Floor

  1. Whew, I got tired just reading about all that work! I LOVE all the natural light in your house–beautiful. And that little window out of the kitchen is super handy! I love light kitchens too, and Jeff likes dark ones. Go figure. We (I) decided that since I use the kitchen the most, I get to decide how it's decorated . . . see how that works on Ant 😉

    1. Just think, it's mostly work that you've already done at your own house. Now you get to kick back and laugh at us this time! Ant would probably laugh at me if I tried to convince him that I cook more than he does, (I'm such a slacker lately, and absolutely NEVER do dishes) but I think I might slowly be bringing him around anyway.

  2. I'm so glad y'all are settling in! I think your projects sound great! I have to agree about the odd rail, who put that there? I've seen a lot of white cabinets lately and I'm beginning to love them (even though I love cherry). I can't wait to see what you do to it!

    1. Haha! "Who the heck does that?!" has pretty much been the name of the game around here lately. We've found quite a few "creative" fix-it options since we've moved in. Honestly, who paints the floor of a shower? o.O

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