Monsters Inc 2nd Birthday Party

Monsters Inc Birthday Party featuring James P. Sullivan "Sully" and Mike Wazowski
I know I’ve mentioned numerous times before that I’m just not one those Moms who puts together amazingly coordinated parties for every birthday and shower. For something like that I’d normally tell you to go talk to Jess. Her parties are always beyond adorable, and they make me even more jealous of her amazing magical powers!
Last year we had a pretty miserable time for birthdays though since Corbin was sick for his 1st, and Aurelia’s 4th kinda got glossed over during the crazy hectic Etsy Halloween order debacle. And since I had already promised Reli I would make it up to her with a ridiculously cool Alice party, it seemed only right that Corbin should be able to get in on the awesomeness too. Obviously that was all decided before I found out that Ant would be going out of town the entire week prior to the party. Darn sneaky men!
Cute Monsters Inc inspired party food: Mike Wazowski cookies, monster jello, Furry Sully cupcakes, and Green and blue Monster juice.
Anywho, I busted my tush for a week baking, decorating, and running to every party place in town more times than should 
have been strictly necessary, and this is what I managed to come up with. Turned out rather cute I think.
Monster Cake – Chocolate box cake topped with my signature Bakery Style Icing and Marshmallow Fondant.
I know plain white fondant with a boarder of candies is a far cry from my usual cake style (ponies, octopi, epic “sweet” 16) but with everything else going on at the time it was nice to do something simple for a change. And since everything else on the table was already so busy, the white really seemed to stand out among all the teal and green.
Sully Cupcakes – White box cake dyed teal – frosted with a grass piping tip and the leftover Bakery Icing.
Anyone remember my Monster cupcakes from Halloween? These were pretty much the same thing just with spots and without the eyes.
I was planning to add little fondant horns instead, but somehow in all the madness those accidently slipped my mind.
Mike Wazowski Cookies – Made with Sweet Sugar Belle’s basic Sugar Cookie and Royal Frosting recipes, and Wilton’s large candy eyes.
 The little horns were my favorite part, but of course as soon as Ant saw them, he proclaimed “those eyes should have been bigger.” Really? You don’t say. Maybe next time you’d like to do the baking yourself?
We ordered pizza for lunch because it was easy, and then rounded out the table with:
Jello cups – Berry Blue with Grape stripes and Lime
Hawaiian Punch – Polar Blast and Green Berry Rush 
Purple Sixlets – Sour Apple Licorice – Grapes and Blueberries
Disney's Monsters Inc Unisex Birthday Party decorations in teal, lime green and purple
For the decorations; I tried to stick with a bright lime green color for Mike Wazowski, and cute teal and purple spots for Sully. I hit up Walmart for some colorful table clothes, paper cups, plates, forks, spotted napkins, and also some of Hallmark’s reversible wrapping paper for my backdrop. The little cake topper guys also came from the toy dept in Walmart, but while they looked super cute sitting on the cake, they were both broken before the week was out. bummer!
The stripy candles, monster face cups and paper straws were all courtesy of Target, 
and then I ordered monster napkins, the Sully balloon, and some temporary tattoos from Amazon.
I made the bottle wrappers and banner letters in photoshop and then just pasted the circles onto triangles I had cut from sheets of scrapbook paper. Somehow I didn’t realize at the time that you can buy pre-designed sets on etsy. duh!
Luckily Corbin wasn’t phased at all that no one showed up except for his Great Gramma and Papa,
Pappy, and Uncle Tyler. But seriously, who cares when there are toys to open?
Why the heck would Gramma & Papa put wrapping paper inside the card? Jeesh, get rid of this trash!
Almost forgot the cute little t-shirt from Old Navy.
(thoroughly stained within minutes of course!)
Evidently pumping your arms really helps blow out those candles. 
Good thing I covered it with fondant too, because that made it so much easier
to peel off the layer of baby spit that covered the entire cake! 
Disney's Monsters Incorporated Second Birthday Party
So what do you guys think, was my first party a success?
Got any tips to make it come together more smoothly next time?
Gotta start planning: October will be here before I know it!

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23 thoughts on “Monsters Inc 2nd Birthday Party

    1. Aww man, I completely forgot that Forrest and Jeff were Monsters for Halloween! I would have sent you guys some of the leftover Mike cookies instead of letting Ant take them to work. Are you sure you don't wanna move closer? There's a house just down the street. 😉

    1. Thanks Emily! The awesome thing about this fondant is that it's made from marshmallows. It SO much easier to work with than regular fondant, and tastes yummier too! (unless it's covered in baby spit of course. 😉

    1. Thanks Shamene! For the backdrop I cut a roll of wrapping paper (Hallmark's reversible kind from Walmart) in half and then taped one sheet above the other. It was a bear to get the dots lined up straight, but I finally got it!

    1. Thanks Brook! Cookies, cake, monsters, dinosaur and truck presents – Corbin was over the moon excited. He still asks me weeks later "Happy Birfday day? Get cake?" 😀

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