15 Things I wish someone had told me about makeup! (e.l.f. giveaway)

15 things no one ever told me about makeup

1. Everyone is different. Now I hear you saying “Well duh, that’s obvious!”, but what I mean is – Just because your best friend recommends a product that looks great on them, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you.

2. Yes, you really do need to know your skin-tone. It’s one of those things like “face shape” you’ve heard about it, but never could quite figure out which one you were. (at least I can’t) It basically boils down to whether you have a pink or yellow undertone to your skin. Once you figure that out, choosing things like concealer, foundation, and blush will be a LOT easier. 

3. Skin prep is important. Hello prevention! Why didn’t I ever realize that if you don’t have any wrinkles, blemishes, dark circles, etc. then there’s no need to cover them up? Wash, Exfoliate, and Moisturize! Oh, and drink lots of water too, but I’m bad at that one. 
4. Your makeup routine should change with the seasons. That super pale shade of foundation you wear in the dead of winter isn’t going to match once you’ve been kissed by the summer sun. Luckily I’m Casper pale all year long, so I’m still gonna skip this one until I figure out all the fake tan nonsense.
5. You probably don’t need full coverage. Having a zit or two every now and again is no reason to plaster on so much product. Chances are you need WAY less makeup than what you’re using. Cutting back will help you look fresher, and also save you some cash! Oh, and chill out with the powder and eyeliner while you’re at it. A tiny bit of powder actually goes a long way, and there’s no need to line your entire eye with black pencil just to run to the grocery store. (Unless of course you love that look. Then rock it girl!) 

6. You can customize your makeup colors. This was a major face-palm moment for me. If you can’t find your perfect foundation shade, you can make a custom color by mixing a few together. Basic color manipulation – We do it all the time with paint, so why wouldn’t it work with make up? 
7. Blush is your friend. As a child of the 80’s, the mere mention of blush conjures images for me that couldn’t possibly be explained to anyone from a younger generation. Most of my aunts were teens during that time, and the trauma I experienced was so intense that it caused me to forswear blush for almost three decades. I gave in some time last year though, and now I’m hooked. Surprisingly, as long as you use it sparingly, you’ll actually look bright and healthy…definitely NOT like the clown I’ve been picturing. Also, I’ve learned that bronzer is not a substitute for blush. It just looks like dirt. 
15 Things I wish someone had told me about makeup.

8. Don’t match your eye shadow to your eye color. Wow, this one took me quite a while to figure out as well. But then again, what can you expect from someone who grew up with a mother who’s make-up routine was similar to that of Mimi’s from the Drew Carey show? Have pity. Blue eye shadow and navy liner was all I knew. 

9. Look for a lipstick that is 1-2 shades darker than your natural lip color. I absolutely suck at picking out lip-colors. They’re either too florescent pink, too purple, too orange, too red… where do they hide the REAL lip colors? Try holding them up next to your naked lips in a mirror, or take your favorite lipstick to the store with you and look for a similar shade. 

10. Highlighters and bronzers can be super confusing. Yes, makeup contouring seems to be all the rage right now, and I’m sure there are dozens of pinterest diagrams out there that make it look totally simple. (Stupid Kardashians) But truly it’s not. Things can go very wrong very quickly. Start slow and practice. Don’t let bronzer turn out to be your 80’s blush. 😉 

11. Don’t neglect your eyebrows. I never knew! Why didn’t you tell me? I mean, I’d go to some random nail salon every 6 months or so to get them waxed, but I didn’t know there was more to it. Eyebrows are evidently an important part of framing your face, and I can see a HUGE difference now that I’ve started giving them their due. If you have an Ulta nearby with a Benefit Brow Bar inside, I highly suggest you splurge and pay them a visit. My experience was awesome, and they frequently offer discounts and run special promotions. 

12. Oh wait, that’s been discontinued. Products get re-named, re-packaged, and discontinued more quickly than you could imagine. If you find a product that you absolutely can’t live without, stock up before it’s gone. A moment of silence please for my favorite chocolate truffle chapstick. My 3rd stick is almost empty. 🙁 

13. There are coupons for everything. Seriously. Do a quick google search: check Target’s printable coupons, drugstore circulars, brand website, and the Sunday paper. I regularly find $3-5 off coupons for my more expensive items like Burts Bees and Yes to! products. Plus places like Ulta and e.l.f. hold awesome sales every week. You should almost never have to pay full price for your makeup! 

14. You can return makeup! Wait What? For ages I thought that if I opened something and tested it that I was stuck with it for better or worse. Turns out I couldn’t have been more wrong. Each store has a different policy, but I know for sure that you can return opened makeup to Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Ulta without any problems. 

15. You don’t have to spend a load of cash to be beautiful – You’re gorgeous already! 

It’s always nice to feel pretty though, so in honor of all the Mom’s out there, I’m giving away a $20 e.l.f gift card for Mother’s Day! Either you have, know, or are a Mom who gives it her all for her family everyday, and rarely takes any time for herself. Well, we all deserve a treat for themselves for a change. Toss your proverbial hat in the ring for a chance to score some gorgeous makeup!

Open to the US and Canada, the winner will be chosen at 6 p.m. EST on Sunday, May 11th. 

And don’t forget to stop back all this week for a look at some of my favorite drugstore makeup finds!

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8 thoughts on “15 Things I wish someone had told me about makeup! (e.l.f. giveaway)

  1. I probably would have followed your lipstick advice a few years ago when I first really got into makeup. But now I seek out those hot pinks and corals. 😉

    And blush was definitely the most difficult thing for me to try. Seriously, I was more comfortable applying false eyelashes! I always thought I was going to look like I had red clown circles. Now I love it.

    1. Thanks so much for visiting Andrea! You look gorgeous with a bold lip color! For this post I'm mainly talking about folks who are just getting comfortable with makeup. I definitely think most women (especially those with dark hair) should try a really bright lipstick at least once. I used to have a great red that I loved, but once I dyed my hair pink it just made me look like a cartoon. o.O

    1. Honestly, every time I love something it gets discontinued! Don't they realize I'll probably end up with a new product from a different brand? Makes no sense to me. Thanks for visiting Michal!

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