Help! I’m ruining Aurelia’s “Shabby Chic”-ish bedroom.

Hey guys, I could really use your help.
It’s no secret that I’m pretty terrible when it comes to the whole home decor gig. I don’t get the Pottery Barn 
or Crate & Barrel catalogs, and I’ve never searched through Anthropologie or West Elm looking for things to knock-off.  
(West Elm…that’s a place right? See what I mean. I had to stinkin’ google it!) 

It’s not that I haven’t tried though. I’ve read the How to articles: 
Decide on the feel of the room first…
Choose a favorite item and work around that…
Look through magazines to find a style you like…
Just picture me with a blank look of confusion across my face.
Ant especially hates that last bit of advice, since I always flip through his Architectural Digests and call his favorite homes “hideous” or “atrocious” or “decorated by one of Lady Gaga’s stylists on hallucinogenic drugs!” It’s bad. Anyway, that’s where you guys come in. I figured if you’d all be sweet enough to help me muddle my way through the first room or two, hopefully I’ll get the hang of it and be able to finish up the rest of the house on my own. (or with only a little help here and there) 

I’m starting with Aurelia’s room because I figured it’d be the easiest. She’s agreed to let me forgo the giant My Little Pony mural that she had imagined in favor of flowers, “as long as it’s pink”(bless her heart). I’m picturing a Shabby Chic set up, but not pastel and frilly really, more of a shabby chic/preppy hybrid. Does that make sense? Maybe this pinterest board will help. It’s obviously not as easy as I thought it would be, but here’s what I’ve got so far.
I already ordered this bedding set (close-up above) from Amazon and it’s pretty much the inspiration for the rest of the room. It’s not too pink, not too pale, and Reli really loves it. I’m gonna have to do a little of altering because of the UK sizing, but that’ll just give be scraps to use somewhere else in the room. Score! Now I just have to decide on the best sheets to go with it. Solid pink? White? Stripey white and pink? Green? I haven’t found the perfect ones yet, and don’t even get me started on bed skirts. 
The old owner left behind this daybed frame (pic below), and since I wanted an iron bed anyway, we’re gonna just roll with it. It might need a coat of paint to cover up the off-white color, but that’s an easy fix.
Now here’s the part where my eyes start to glaze over…
Ant and I both really like the pink on pink stripes.
(even though he did mention that it looks like Victoria Secret, but I’m ignoring that.)

The problem is that I also like these…

And theses…

So I’m trying to figure out how I can have florals, stripes, dots, a curlicue bed, and fun colored furniture
all in the same room without making it look like an frou frou tea party (or pinterest) just exploded.
Or at least turn it into a cute kind of explosion. Do they make those?

This is the space I have to work with. The large opening at the bottom is a window, the small one at the top is the closet, and the one to the left is the door to the hallway. I’ve been planning to find a large short dresser (3 pairs of drawers or similar) and hang a big ol’ mirror above it across from the bed. Then I’m open to either a desk or an armoire beside the closet where Reli can stash her, books, toys, knick knacks, etc. I’d also really like to remove the bi-fold door from the closet and add a curtain instead. 

I’m completely open to any help I can get, because believe it or not, Ant is even worse at decorating than I am. And that’s pretty bad since as an architect, he had to take interior design classes in college. At this point, if I could afford to hire a decorator I would, because we’re like two colorblind goobers stumbling around the great world of interior design…in the dark…with different tastes…and no money. 😀

So what do you think? Any opinions or inspiration photos you’d like to share? I’m all ears!

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5 thoughts on “Help! I’m ruining Aurelia’s “Shabby Chic”-ish bedroom.

  1. I like your ideas! Your pinterest board is darling. I'm certainly no interior decorating expert, but personally, I think I like the light yellow wall color best . . . not too girly or frou-frou, I think it will grow well with her (so you don't have to repaint again later if she decides pink is too babyish), and then you can really go crazy with colorful furniture if you want to. But I'm also a bit of a wimp when it comes to design and generally keep things pretty soft/quiet, so it might not be what you're going for 🙂 I think it'll be cute! The bedding is so darling!

    1. Gah! You're supposed to be making it less confusing Rachel! 😀
      I like the yellow too, but I'm not sure Reli's gonna go for it without A LOT of persuasion. She told me this morning that she wanted the walls pink so she could have a purple dresser. O.o Sorry kid, that ain't gonna happen. I don't mind changing the room later, but right now, she'll be lucky if we settle on a design before we move out!

  2. I like the yellow wall also, (seems to make the comforter pop), but LOVE the pink on pink stripes!! I also love the white armoire and/or desk, especially w/ their back patterns!! As for the sheets & bed skirt, I would go w/ the LEAST color in the comforter. One of the greens probably. I love the polka dot back side of the bedding also so light blue sheets/bed skirt isn't out of the question either. Not sure if this helps or not, just my opinion. Can't wait to see the final project. LOVE that bedding & the bed!

    1. Thanks for the input Chelle! I think we're going to end up going with the pink striped walls and white furniture with fun colors hiding on the insides. I'm on the hunt for white linens with tiny green pinstripes too, but I'm not having much luck. I may try to dye some instead. Now I'm just stuck on the curtains…& wall art…& light fixtures. ;-P

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