Looks like it’s a tradition…

Well, Memorial weekend has come and gone, and it feels like summer has already descended on Virginia in full force.  
After the absolutely miserable winter we had I really shouldn’t complain, so bring on the heat, grilling, and yard work!
Friday I got a bit of a bee in my bonnet and woke up knowing that I had to build this shelving unit right. this. minute! Why? Why couldn’t I wait until Saturday when Ant would be home to help? I asked myself that a dozen times as I drug both kids all over Lowe’s, hauled everything home, and then realized that I had mis-measured the wall (darn insulation!) and had to cut half my boards 3 inches shorter…
with a hand saw. Because I’m crazy, that’s why.
Saturday we realized that the grass Ant planted a few weeks ago wasn’t sprouting, so we had to dig up and rake the whole yard again, put down new topsoil, and then re-seed…Did I mention Again? Hopefully the stuff takes this time, or these kids are gonna be playing in a big ol’ patch of dirt for the rest of the summer. I also gave in to Ant’s very manly pouting and finally let him buy a grill as an early Father’s Day present. Don’t tell him, but I’m secretly hoping this will get me out of cooking dinner for most of the summer. Sneaky!

Sunday we repeated our trip from last year, and spent the day at Sandy Point beach with my Dad. Looks like this might be a new family tradition – Our “Mommy hates sand but agrees to let the kids play in it for a single day” Memorial Day trip to the beach. 
Yikes, Look at those roots! 
Also known as the day where Mommy will bath the entire family in sun block, but accidently forget a small patch of her own body. And even though she lives under the umbrella, that spot will become horribly sunburned and cause her immense pain for the next week. 
Yup, those shins. You can already see them pinking up in the picture. I purposely wore long pants to prevent the burn, and even remembered to lotion the tops of my feet! But when I rolled up my jeans to keep them out of the sand, my brain was already on vacation.
A few hours later, my shins matched my hair, and there was no going back. 

I spent most of Monday morning lying on the couch slathered in aloe, and whimpering every time I had to stand up. If you’ve ever suffered from shin splints, that is exactly what this sunburn feels like! Stabbing pains of sucky-ness. It couldn’t stop be from washing seven loads of laundry, and cleaning half the house though. Cuz I’m hardcore like that. Just don’t ask me to expose my tender flesh to a shower. 😉

How did you all spend your holiday weekend?

Anyone sharing my pain?

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2 thoughts on “Looks like it’s a tradition…

    1. Ant said the exact same thing when he saw these pictures, but I'm not listening. He's still tiny and squish and cute! (even when the terrible 2's take over and he's acting like a demon child. 😉 Turns out the whole grass seed thing was a total wash though…literally, since the seeds washed away in a downpour…twice. This weekend we're saying screw it and finally just laying sod. Yay, More yard work! 😛

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