Indie Love: Chiffon Back Top and Sailor Shorts

Chiffon back top and Sailor Shorts sewn by Sugar Tart Crafts
Do you ever see a sewing project on one of you favorite blogs and think “Oh,oh, I’ve gotta make that for my son/daughter/grandma/
neighbor/second cousin twice removed?” Of course you do! What am I saying? I bet you’ve got pinterest boards full of those “I’ll really will make this one day” projects. I know I sure do!
This chiffon back top was definitely one of those projects, and it’s also the one that inspired this entire summer collection. I saw it first when Lexi posted on the Sewing Rabbit and thought “Goodness that’s cute. I should make on for Reli. Pin!” Then a few weeks later while trolling through my stash, I found this polka dot fabric and thought “This would be perfect for that chiffon top I pinned!” Of course I set the fabric off to the side in another to-do pile and then forgot about it until Lexi brought the post home to her own blog, Lexi Made, and shared it again.
Lexi Made's chiffon top reviewed by Sugar Tart Crafts
Find the polka dot fabric here.
Then it hit me. I’ve been pinning tons of adorable projects from other blogs, but I never actually get around to making any of them. Why not devote this year’s summer collection entirely to things on my one-day list instead of putting them off until Reli is too big to be able to fit in any of them? These munchkins aren’t gonna be willing to wear what I sew for them forever, so it’s best to do it now while I still can.
And you know what? It’s been totally worth it! I mean this shirt took me a whopping hour to sew up, and it just couldn’t be cuter on Reli. I could kick myself for putting off something that was so easy to make just for the chance to answer a few e-mails, or scroll through facebook. (for the 12th time today) Sure, networking is important if you want to run a successful blog, but if I never sew anything, you guys wouldn’t be visiting would you? Maybe I should make a printable that says something like Stop pinning and Start sewing!
Chiffon back top designed by Lexi Made sewn by Sugar Tart Crafts


And I suppose these darling sailor shorts helped lead to this collection in their own way as well since they were the first PDF pattern I ever purchased. I made a red pair with piping last year for the Out to Sea collection when I was swamped drafting all the other patterns, and decided to let Amy do the hard work for me instead. I was completely impressed by how professional indie patterns could be, and finally began stockpiling them from different designers. Time to sew those patterns up and enjoy them!
Peek-a-Boo Patterns: Sailor Shorts review by Sugar Tart crafts


The shorts turned out a bit big, but I’m actually happy about that since Reli’ll be able to get more use out of them. The only thing I don’t like are the buttons. Why is it always so darn hard to match shades of navy blue? There must be a hundred different versions of it at the fabric store, and I can never find two that match each other! What’s the deal? None of the other colors ever seem to be such a problem. But even with the mis-matched buttons, I think this outfit’s a lot of fun! It’s very business in the front, party in the back but without the creepy mullet.
Chiffon back top and Sailor Shorts sewn by Sugar Tart Crafts


Now tell me honestly – Do you find yourself doing more pinning than creating? If not, can you share any tricks you use to help get yourself away from the computer and back in front of the sewing machine? I recently bought myself a timer to help keep me more focused, but it’s not helping very much. The kids keep stealing it for themselves!




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