Introducing the Indie Love Collection : summer 2014

The Indie Love Collection by Sugar Tart Crafts featuring 18 of your favorite online pattern designers.

It’s about time right? Last year, I literally spent months designing and drafting the patterns for Aurelia’s Out to Sea collection. *insert heavy sigh* Don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of fun, but it was also A LOT of work. So this summer I wanted to tip my hat to some of the amazing bloggers out there who design their own patterns and graciously share them with the rest of us. 
Some of these ladies offer their designs for sale, while plenty of them also share them for free! I am beyond impressed by their ability to manage a house, kids, a blog, and still find time to not only sew these beautiful creations, but go through the tedious process of drafting, grading, sizing, testers, marketing, and often blog tours that go along with creating just a single pattern. Seriously, I have enough trouble just keeping up with the laundry! The entire process can take months, and they totally deserve a little recognition. 

Because whether they’ve turned their hobby into a little side business, or are just sharing their outfits for the simple love of sewing, these women are an inspiration. They’ve each helped make sewing “cool again” in their own way, and are continually convert new members to this – fun, frustrating, painful, hoard-inducing, absolutely amazing world of creativity. Thank you so much for what you do! 
And thanks to all of you for following and supporting us, listening to us complain, and sharing our passion. I’m sure most of us would be doing the exact same thing even if we didn’t have an audience, but it’s always nice to make new friends!

Happy Sewing!

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6 thoughts on “Introducing the Indie Love Collection : summer 2014

  1. SO excited to see all your work! I'm really having to dig deep into my archives to find anything I've sewn . . . I guess I need to dust off the sewing machine, it's obviously been awhile. I'm better at crocheting so I could link up a top I crocheted for Darcy–is that ok? If not, please delete!!!

    1. Thanks lady! Crochet is totally fine. I can't believe you can go and whip something up so quickly like that. My kids would probably grow out of something 4 times before I was able to finish it!

    1. Absolutely Lauren! I'm actually kicking everything off with your pattern tomorrow! You're like one of the queen mum's of the indie pattern designers, and I can't wait to take your course! (this at-home stuff is sooo different from what I learned (and forgot) in school. O.o)

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