Indie Love: 5 & 10 Designs – Look #6

Five and Ten Designs Look #6 sewn by Sugar Tart Crafts
 Ha ha! I know it’s not the pretty “pinterest worthy” title picture that we bloggers are supposed to share, but I just couldn’t help myself. Let’s all be completely honest for a second. This is what it’s really like when it’s 95 degrees outside and your slave driver Mom is forcing you to take more pictures when all you really want to do is run around and pick weeds flowers. “Stop telling me to smile woman, this is miserable!”
5 & 10 Designs dress pattern sewn by Sugar Tart Crafts
Anywho…For those of you who don’t already know, 5 & 10 Designs is a a pretty unique pattern. You start with a single basic bodice piece, and then choose how you’d like to alter it based on the ten different options provided by five of your favorite sewing bloggers. (hehe, 5 & 10 get it? ok, moving on…) It’s a great starting point for anyone who thinks they might be interested in making their own sewing patterns one day, but doesn’t know where to start. The instructions will help you learn different ways of manipulating pattern pieces to create the look you’re going for, complete with a step by step guide.
5 & 10 Designs Look #6 sewn by Sugar Tart Crafts
I was so excited to make this particular dress, Look #6, because it was designed by one of my all time favorite bloggers – Jessica from Craftiness is not Optional. If you’re a long-time reader here, you probably already know about my blogger crush on Jess because of all her amazing outfits and gorgeous parties, but I just realized recently that she’s one of the only other sewers I know who have their own personal color scheme. You guys know I work mostly with a pink, teal, and green palette, but you can almost always pick out one of Jess’s designs (aside from her adorable girlies) because it’ll most likely be made from shades of mustard, coral, minty aqua, or gold. And of course she wins even more of my heart because she also has a My Little Pony costume tutorial! Can one person be any cooler? I say no.
5 & 10 Designs pattern review by Sugar Tart Crafts
Completely off topic, but I LOVE this fabric and just found out they made an adorable pony/unicorn/pegasus version as part of the same line. (Storybrook Pony by Alexander Henry) You know, the discontinued one from back in 2009. 😛 If any of you happen to have some in your stash that you’d be willing to part with, or maybe know someone who might, I’d be more than willing to throw wads of money at you and love you forever and ever. I NEED this fabric. Like more than I need chocolate, need it! So far etsy, ebay, etc. have been a bust. I’m honestly considering calling Mr. Alexander himself and asking what I’d have to do in order to get some of the secret stash he’s no doubt got hidden away in a storage closet somewhere.
5 & 10 Designs Look #6 sewn by Sugar Tart Crafts

Now aside form the goofy pictures, the discontinued fabrics, and all kinds of other craziness, we really do love the dress. It’s cheery, comfortable, easy on/off, and an all around fun project. Kinda cute in an “I don’t know how to use a hairbrush” sorta way isn’t she?


So which do you prefer? Do you like patterns that you can customize yourself,

or the more straightforward ones you simply cut out and sew?


3 thoughts on “Indie Love: 5 & 10 Designs – Look #6

  1. What a lovely dress. I love all that piping to highlight the piecing – I mean, otherwise, why bother, right? More often than not, I'd rather just have the pattern all ready for me so I don't have to do the slicing and add seam allowances. And I agree with you about Jess. Her's was the first blog I came across and I spent hours there in awe! I'm so glad I came across your blog today too and you can bet I'll be back!

    1. Thank you Angela, It's nice to have you along! The piping truly does make the dress, and Jess did an amazing job designing it! I know what you mean about just wanting to go with a ready-made pattern though. Sometimes I just want to make something simple and straight forward that my too tired brain doesn't have to figure out on it's own. 😉

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