Rhinestone Fireworks T-shirt

Fun Rhinestone Fireworks T-shirt for Summer!
What’s your favorite part about summer? For me it’s always been the fireworks, and the lightening bugs. Unfortunately, the area we’ve moved to seems to have a rather disappointing fire-fly population. I’m not sure if it’s just too crowded here, but I’ve probably only seen a total of 3 little blinking bugs in the almost 4 years we’ve been in Virginia. There definitely aren’t enough for me to re-create my memories of catching them in a jar with my kids, but at least we’ve still got fireworks. And with this shirt we can enjoy them anytime we want!
Rhinestone Fireworks T-shirt
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What you’ll need:
Any plain colored t-shirt – Hot-fix Rhinestones in you favorite colors like these* and these.*
A marking pencil – Frixion pens* are great for this project because the heat makes the marks disappear!
And either an iron or a hot-fix setting tool. I use this Hot-Fix Wand.*
Once you’ve gathered your supplies, all you have to do is arrange the rhinestones in a pattern you like, mark the placement, heat up the stones, and stick them in place. It’s super easy, but it can get a little tedious if you’re working with a lot of crystals. This is a great project to work on while you’re listening to some tunes, or vegging out to your favorite show. Just be careful not to burn your fingertips!
*Hot Tips* – Make sure you place a sheet of paper inside the shirt before you start glueing rhinestones in place. You don’t want the front and back to accidently get stuck together by a bit of overzealous glue. I’ve also found that pressing down firmly on each crystal while it’s still hot, will help the edges stick best. Definitely use a scrap of felt or fleece to help protect your fingers though.


Rhinestone Fireworks Summer T-shirt Craft


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What’s your favorite thing about summer?


12 thoughts on “Rhinestone Fireworks T-shirt

    1. You caught me! Rel had never played with sparklers before, so it was impossible to get a shot before they had fizzled out. In the real pic she's just smiling at a burnt up stick! 😛

    1. Thanks Britni! I was trying to come up with a way to make them more sparkly, like the real thing. This way gave me glitter without the mess. I think I'm addicted!

    1. Thanks Jess. Once you get started, I guarantee your girls will want to "Glitter all the things!" Reli was asking me to put sparkles on her socks the other day. 🙂

    1. Thanks Megan. My daughter's been in love with the "sparkles" since the first time I used them. It's just so easy to add them to everything, that it's hard to come up with reasons not to!

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