Indie Love: The Soleil Dress

The Soleil Dress sewn by Sugar Tart Crafts


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (or a massive pile of laundry) you already know that the backless tops and dresses trend is HUGE right now! So let’s kick this collection off with one of the hottest new patterns of the season – The Soleil Dress by Lauren of Selvage Designs. Perfect for those busy summer days filled with playgrounds, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and cartwheels; this is a comfortable and adorable little dress to add to any girl’s summer wardrobe. Reli loves it! (and I’m kinda jealous I could never pull off one of my own. 😉
The Soleil Dress sewn by Sugar Tart Crafts
Soleil Dress Pattern Review by Sugar Tart Crafts
Find the Girl Charlie -Daisy All Over fabric here.


The Soleil Dress sewn by Sugar Tart Crafts

If you’d like to see more of Lauren’s amazing work, be sure to head over to her blog: Gather & Baste and spread some comment love. She’s just shared a new free pattern for Summer Shorties which would be the perfect playtime “Quit showing your bum!” addition to this little dress. (I’m not the only one who feels like they say that phrase a dozen times whenever their daughter wears a dress right?)


And if you happen to be an indie pattern designer yourself, (or wish you were) make sure you check out Lauren’s awesome Pattern Workshop. She teaches you everything you need to know to make the best printable patterns; drafting, grading, marketing… the works! The digital-design work I learned in college is a far cry from the at home version I need to share my designs with all of you, so I can’t wait to take her course and brush up on my pattern-making skills!


The Indie Love Collection by Sugar Tart Crafts

Have you sewn a Soleil Dress of your own?

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9 thoughts on “Indie Love: The Soleil Dress

  1. So, so cute, Toni! You did a great job! Love the fabric with that purple elastic edge. Thank you so much for linking up over at The Makers. And I'm not sure if you changed it a while ago or not, but I love that you switched your headshot! Love the pink hair!

    1. Thanks so much Alexis! I'm really trying to add more prints and colors into what I sew after I looked back at last year's collection and realized that everything was either solids or strips. Poor kids, having such a boring Mom. 😉 You're right about the headshot too. I kept meaning to got take a good one, but never seem to have the time, so i gave in and used what I had. It's just too fun of a color not to share!

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