30 Things I’d like to accomplish in my 30’s

Guess what? Tomorrow is my birthday! I’m turning 30, and something about rolling into a new decade has got me down. So in an attempt to convince my goofy brain that I’m only just getting started, I put together a list of 30 things I’d like to accomplish in the next 10 years. Then by the time the big 4-0 gets here, maybe I’ll actually feel like I’ve done something with my life, and see that I’ve got plenty of time to do much, much more!

And because every post need a picture, I give you Reli & Corbin’s 4th of July Boogie…

Things to Buy/Get:

1. Silhouette (No, I still don’t have one yet.)

2. Coverstitch Machine 

3. Adopt a dog

4. Upgrade my Illustrator and Photoshop.

5. Smart-phone (I don’t actually want one, but I’m jealous that I can’t use Instagram)

6. Our forever (hopefully) home (Didn’t we just buy the 1st one!? O.o)

Things to Make:

7. Create my perfect studio space.

8. Throw awesome birthday parties for the kids.

9. Design a fabric line. (even if it’s only on Spoonflower)

10. Sew something with hexies. (I’ve wanted to for ages!)

11. Make our Anniversary Quilt. (I want to make each block show somewhere we went on our honeymoon.)

12. Put together a family scrapbook/album.

13. Start my own Pattern Shop.

14. Crochet another afghan. (This takes me a few years 😉

Places to Go:

15. Go on my first cruise.

16. A blogging convention (SNAP)

17. Take the kids to Disney World.

18. Visit more local landmarks. (This is DC – We’ve got plenty!)

19. Go on a family road trip. (I wanna drive to Yosemite…from Virginia. Cuz I’m crazy like that.)

20. Take Ant to Japan for his 40th Birthday. (I’ll be 39 by then. Plenty of time to plan!)

Things to Do or Try:

21.Take riding lessons. (Did you not already know I love horses?)

22.Teach the kid’s to sew.

23. Remodel the Kitchen.

24. Homeschool Reli for Kindergarten. (She can’t enroll  in school until she’s 6 anyway.) 

25. Discover my personal style.

26. Increase my Etsy shop’s productivity during “non-holiday” times.

27. Get out of debt. (Stupid school loans :-P)

28. Become a better photographer.

29. Tell the kids “yes” more often, and other people “no”.

30. Grow my blog into a fun little sewing community.

I’ll probably need you guys to help me a little with that last one, because you know how bad I am at stuff like social media. 😉 It’s a start though, and you know how much I like lists, so that might help keep me on track a little better. Some of these may even change in the next few years, but you always gotta keep reminding yourself to dream! 

What about you? What would you like to do before your next birthday?

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2 thoughts on “30 Things I’d like to accomplish in my 30’s

  1. Happy birthday!!!!!! Ok, I have a lot to say. #5, yes please, do it for me. I want you on instagram, bad. #8, you already do! Keep up the good work. #10, what a coincidence, I've been wanting to crochet with hexies! Hexie twinzzzz. #9 and #13, YES. You'd be awesome, I have no doubt. #16, DO SNAP. I'll do it with you. Or, at the very least, I'll hang out with you at some point, since I literally live 5 minutes away from the spot where they always hold it 🙂 #27, is it terrible I find it oddly comforting that you are fighting this battle with me? #29, I need to work on this, too. I'm a recovering people pleaser. I hope your day is AWESOME tomorrow!

    1. Thanks Lovely! I can't wait for my next catch-up day so I can hear how your's went too!
      -What kind of phone should I get? I honestly don't even know how to text right now. It's pretty pathetic.
      -The Monster one was pretty great, but I was so busy last year w/ etsy stuff, poor Aurelia only got a cupcake & a smile. 🙁
      -Hexie twinz! I wanted my next afghan to be a hexie one too! Help me choose colors?
      -You're such a darling, and I hope you know you just signed your self up to be one of my testers. 😉
      -I was so hoping you'd wanna be my SNAP buddy! Then we could be the goofy ones in the corner together.
      -At least you've only got the student loans. Ant went through a bit of a "charge it" phase in college too. Stupid cards!
      -I definitely need to be more selfish! (not something you ever thought you'd hear someone say.)

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