Indie Love: Fishsticks Tank & Sunny Shorts (and my sewing failures)

Fishsticks Designs Tank Top and Oliver & S - Sunny Days shorts
I hope you guys know I like to be as honest as possible with you about my real life. I’d really hate it if anyone ever accused me of “perfect blogger” syndrome, and lets face it: There is absolutely nothing about my ridiculously fashionable wardrobe, spotlessly clean and impeccably decorated house, or angelic children that you could ever possibly envy. So that pretty much only leaves my sewing skills. (Unless of course you covet my quirky randomness or sarcastic banter. Both of which require many years of practice. 😉
Today I’m here to set the record straight and let the world know – Some days I couldn’t sew a simple seam if my life depended on it. Don’t look so incredulous. It’s true! I attach sleeves inside out, cut pieces on the wrong grain line, mess up buttonholes, mis-measure, accidently poke holes in my fabric, and sew pieces together backwards more than you can probably imagine. Every sewer has days when they use their seam ripped more than their sewing machine, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a big fat fibber. Oh, and don’t think I mean this kinda stuff happens to me only every once in awhile. I am a very easily distracted person, and have been known to sew a sleeve in backwards TWICE before I give up and have to leave the room. I give you exhibit A…
Pattern Review: Basic Oxford Button-up from PeekaBoo Patterns
This is a perfectly wonderful pattern. designed by a lady (Amy from PeekaBoo Patterns) who definitely knows how to explain even the most complicated directions with ease. But in my hands, it can be turned into a absolute disaster! I managed to cut pieces backwards, sew the sleeves on inside-out (multiple times!), and was able to somehow manipulate the pieces in a way that would make one half of a seam almost two inches shorter than its mate. How? You’ve seen me sew plenty of other things, and I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but toot darn it! I have a bit of skill with all this sewing stuff.
But oh no, This shirt pretty much just flipped me off and kept on walkin’.
“Not today lady. It ain’t gonna happen!”
Basic Oxford Button-up from PeekaBoo Patterns
After trying the main portion on Corbin, I realized that a 2T probably wasn’t my best choice anyway (too tight in the armpits), and decided to scrap the shirt altogether. This pattern is far too cute to put off for long though, and I’ll definitely be giving the long sleeve version a go once the weather starts to cool down. (Or once my brain starts functioning properly again.) It’ll be perfect for holiday pictures! Hopefully.
Pattern Review: Tank top by Fishstick Designs
Luckily not all my projects take such a turn for the worst. This tank top from Fishstick Designs,
and these Sunny Days Shorts from Oliver and S both sewed up quickly and easily. Thank goodness!
Pattern Review: Oliver & S - Sunny Days Shorts
Fishsticks' Tank Top sewn by Sugar Tart Crafts


Well there you have it. Now everyone knows I’m not really the legendary seamstress they imagined.

Shucks. Still only a bunch of us average joe’s kickin’ it around here these days I guess.


Now it’s your turn. What’s your latest sewing/crafting fail?



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    1. Haha! Maybe I should put it in an embroidery hoop and hang it on my wall.
      And by muscles I'm sure you really mean farmer's tan. 😉 Squish away!

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