Tester’s Tour: LOL Swing Top by Jennuine Design

Hey there! If you’ve been following along on Facebook, you may have already heard that our house is under quarantine due to a weird combination of outbreaks. (hand, foot, & mouth disease for the kids & an extra fabulous sinus infection for me. Ant has yet to join in the fun, but I see a man cold looming on the horizon. How did we get to be so lucky?) But there have also been much more enjoyable adventures going on behind the scenes as well. Namely this…

Sure the berry picking was interesting, mainly due to the number of bees in attendance, and subsequent panic attacks by my children, but the real story here is the fun little shirt. I’ve been busy testing the newest Jennuine Design (affiliate link) pattern for the past few weeks and it’s being released today. Yay! The LOL Swing Top is an adorable racer-back top for sizes newborn thorough 12 with a great half circle back that’s perfect for well…swinging. And I get to make it even more awesome by sharing a discount with you! Between now and August 7th, use the code LOLRelease at checkout to get an extra 20% off! How cool is that?
The super fun part is that it can be made from knit or woven fabric, or even a mix of the two, so the possibilities really are endless. I was chosen to work on the woven version for the 4T size, and after my first two, had big plans to make a knit version as well. Until we found out we were all dying from the plague that is. I’ve already selected the fabrics for my next one, but thought it best to avoid “hazardous machinery” in my exhausted/semi-drugged state. Not the best sewing conditions, but I can’t wait to share my knit version with you soon!
Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the rather “loud” fabric choices going on here, that look quite a bit different than my usually style – Aurelia chose them, and that girl’s definitely not afraid of colors! I tried to steer her towards something more subdued, especially since I was saving the paisley print for a jacket lining (you know, something hidden.), but she was adamant. This is what she wanted, and who the heck am I to quash her self expression? Purple Pink Paisleys it is!

Cutie Bonus! Ant decided he wanted to be in charge of the camera for this trip, so you can thank him for the shots of this little goober. Corbin didn’t seem to grasp the concept of putting the berries into a basket instead of straight into his mouth, even after I pointed out numerous signs directing us not to eat the fruit before paying. How do you explain that to a two year old? I’m definitely not going to fight with him when he’s eating something healthy for a change. Are they nuts!? No thank you. Here’s an extra dollar instead.
Oh look, a Toni in the wild! You know that’s the only reason Ant wanted to use the camera right? And of course out of the 30+ covert pictures he tried to take of me, this was the only one where I didn’t look like a complete moron. Seriously, I’ve gotta take a class or something, because I always seem to be making the weirdest faces. Maybe I talk too much, but this time I can blame the photographer since he’s fully aware of my Ridiculously Un-photogentic Syndrome. It’s genetic.
* affiliate link
Lets get back to the real cuteness shall we? 
The LOL Swing Top– newborn to 12 sizes – knit and woven options – 20% off with LOLRelease code
Ready go!
And don’t forget to check out the other adorable tops made by some of the other testers. These ladies worked really hard to make this pattern perfect, and there are some truly precious baby pics and awesome fabric combinations. I’m sure you’ll love it!
Happy sewing!

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8 thoughts on “Tester’s Tour: LOL Swing Top by Jennuine Design

  1. Awesome! Well, a family of illness isn't so awesome, but you know what I mean. What a fun photo shoot? And I'm right there with you on the Ridiculously Un-photogenic Syndrome. I'm a long time sufferer myself. Thanks again for testing – it was long, but we all had fun, right?

    1. Thanks so much fro having me as a tester Jenn! It was definitely a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed working with all the gals in the group! Maybe we should set up an R-U-S support group too! 😉

  2. So much cuteness! I love the pink and purple your daughter chose! She definitely has good taste! My kids always get Hand Foot and Mouth at the start of every summer…ugh, not fun!

    1. Thanks Shelly! I'd never even heard of HFM until the kids caught it, but now I'm convinced it's just a goofy version of chickenpox…that you can get multiple times. Ugh! It's so naughty, but I can't help but be thankful that it only affects the littles. Bad Mommy!

    1. Haha! You should know by now that Toni's are magical creatures…almost like unicorns! Getting a picture is a very rare treat! 😀
      And yes, I am frequently jealous of my daughter's closet. She's definitely got more clothes than me!

  3. DARLING LOL SWING TOP: from the front a purple sleeveless top trimmed in hot pink. Then VIOLA! turn around to the lovely paisley print in purple, turquoise, red, pink & white! A UNIQUE design, the nearly half circle swing & the racer back — all trimmed in hot pink. FAB photo shoot, Aurelia picking berries . . . with brother Corbin and Mom, too. Excellent job as a 'tester,' Toni sewing this top by Jennuine Deigns. Bet your girl LOVES to wear this top & swing 'round & 'round! THANKS for sharing. Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

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