Indie Love: Ringer Tee and Hosh Pants

Mini Metal Outfit - Ringer tee and Hosh pants by Sugar Tart Crafts


I know this may come as a bit of a shock, but before Ant and I had kids, we actually used to be cool. Well cool-ish…in a darker, hardcore metal/goth/lolita kinda way. It’s hard to explain so you’ll just have to trust me on this one. We lived in Philly then, and frequently attended Dracula’s Ball, and concerts by Rob Zombie, Seether, Evanescence, Stone Sour, Korn, Lacuna Coil, Deftones, etc. We were even in a music video once! (I promise not to think any less of you if you have absolutely no idea who any of those bands are. Makes you normal!)


Sugar Tart Crafts - Back when I was cool. ;-)


I wore lots of stockings and fishnets, ginormous boots (I really miss those!) and had a tendency to dye my hair bright red or wear fake purple dreadlocks. (That I made by the way. Still a hardcore diy-er even then!) And Ant will kill me for telling you this, but he wore eyeliner. It was only once, and he fought me for a solid hour about it, but in the end I won, and he thought he looked dead sexy!


Of course, it wasn’t to last. The kid’s came along, and although Ant still has the biggest collection of Metal cd’s I’ve ever seen, I traded in the bass and nightlife of Philly for the quietness and country music of suburban Virginia. Don’t get me wrong, I love Alabama and Jerrod Niemann as much as the next person, but there’s something about the birthday looming next week that’s got me feeling old. Maybe that’s what sparked the urge to go back to fun colored hair – or maybe I just really like pink. I don’t know exactly, but for this outfit, wanted to pay a little tribute to those “good old times” when I used to be cool.


A brutal Mini Metal t-shirt for toddlers!
 I used Adrianna’s tutorial and a few old t-shirts to whip up this super quick ringer tee, and then added an AC-DC style font called Metal Lord to make the cute Mini Metal freezer paper stencil. Corbin’s impish little dimples definitely make him look anything but BRUTAL, but it’s a start. Ant hasn’t had much luck teaching him how to make the devil horns with his fingers yet, but he’s taken surprisingly well to headbanging. Must be a boy thing.
Crafterhours Ringer T-shirt tutorial reviewed by Sugar Tart Crafts
Ringer Tee &Hosh Pants sewn by Sugar Tart Crafts
I got the pattern for Sarah’s super popular Hosh pants during one of the Pattern Parcel sales, but you can pick them up from her Etsy shop right now. They are made with buttonhole elastic for the back waistband so you can adjust the size a little if you leave a few extra holes. Aurelia has a pair as well, and from what the kids tell me, they’re really comfortable to wear. My biggest problem was finding the right fabric to use. The girls at Hancock’s actually said “They don’t even make that.” when I said I wanted stretch twill (um…yea, they do. The pants you’re wearing right now are made from it!), and my local Joann’s only had solid colors. Online is probably your best bet if you was a cute print, but it’s so hard to know what to search – stretch twill? stretch bottom-weight? poplin? They’re really cute though if you can find the right fabric!
Hosh Pants designed by Lou Bee Clothing reviewed by Sugar Tart Crafts
Oh, and in case this post has got you wondering – No, my kids don’t listen to any of the music displayed on the wall. There’s far too much “colorful language” in most of it, and they repeat EVERYTHING! They have heard Ant’s music in passing though, and they refer to it as “Daddy’s Monster Music.”  They would much rather listen to the country songs that seem to be all about alcohol instead. Red Solo Cup is a particular favorite of Reli’s. (No Mother of the Year awards over here!)
Little boy's Mini Metal t-shirt
What do you do to relive your youth when you start to feel old?
It feels like I’ve been a cross-stitching, crocheting granny since middle school,
so my options seem rather limited.


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4 thoughts on “Indie Love: Ringer Tee and Hosh Pants

  1. SHUT UP! Haha! I love it! The tights… and the boots… and your hair! I can't even remember what life was like before kids. Now we're all domestic and stuff. Although, I was never as cool as you. 😉 Love this shirt!

    1. Haha! "All domestic and stuff" that's perfect! Can you believe that I worked at the GAP at the time that picture was taken? And customers used to always come up and ask me questions too! Even if I wasn't wearing a name tag or headset. I would always wonder "Do I REALLY look like I work here? Then just the other day, I was at Old Navy getting a shirt for Reli and these Moms kept coming over and asking me questions while I was shopping! I'm happy my eccentricities are accepted but…O.o

  2. OMG Toni, you looked JUST like my Daughter!! She LIVED for Metal, tights, those boots {almost just like}, colored hair, piercings! You STILL Rock, just in a different way these days!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your "look" then AND now! Thanks for sharing a bit of your WILD past. Have a safe, FUN, colorful 4th!!! Oh & Corbin looks AWESOME in that tee!

    1. Thanks Chelle! You're a darling, and your daughter must be one cool chica! 😀 I had the piercings too, but only because I was too much of a sissy to get the more permanent tattoos. I only have one, and it's hidden because my parents really drilled it into me that I had to turn out to be a "proper business person" when I grew up. Ha! Didn't quite turn out that way did it? Now I just need to accept that I'm more Classic Rock these days. I still wish I could wear those boots to the grocery store though. They're so dang comfortable! 😉

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