The Sweetest Place on Earth

A quick post full of pictures today while we all get ready to enjoy the long weekend! I’ve been crossing things off my 2014 Goal’s Checklist left and right lately, and I was super happy to be able to cross off “Take the kids to an amusement park” recently. Two weeks ago we took the kids to Hershey Park and had a (very rare) full day of awesome family time!
When I was little we lived about an hour away from the park, and my mother’s office used to hold their company picnic there, so  got to go almost every year until I was in high school. And even though they’ve changed the park over the years, adding rides, and a whole new water park, it was a lot of fun to see the kids on some of the same rides that I loved as a kid.
 We went on a Wednesday in an attempt to avoid major crowds and long lines, but of course we ended up choosing the hottest day of the whole week instead. Oops! It was well into the 90’s, and there was definitely some wilting going on at times…
The good part about the heat was that by the afternoon, everyone had gone over to the waterpark to cool off, and we were able to get on all the best rides without waiting in any lines at all! I was even able to sneek away a few times to get on my favorite roller-coasters by just walking up and getting right on. I was finished my ride and back in time to see the kids get off whatever they had been on. A thing completely unheard of in the amusement park world!
I was having too much fun to worry about getting a lot of pictures, but I did really want a family photo during this trip. Did you know that this is the only picture we have with all four of us together?! Pretty great right? Well, that’s what I get for waiting until we were leaving the park to try and take it. Everyone was wind-blown, hungry, and exhausted. Great planning on my part!

Oh, and one thing I can’t forget…See those sandals I’m wearing? (from Target of course) They are amazing! I bought them the weekend before the trip and hadn’t had a chance to break them in before wearing them to the park. I can see you cringing, and I was expecting to be too. But I swear, even walking miles and miles around the park twice, I didn’t even have the tiniest blister anywhere. And my feet definitely aren’t used to anything other than rubber flip flops either. They’re just super comfortable.

Ok footwear plug over – Have you ever taken your kid’s to an amusement park? Where did you go and how did they like it? I was surprised our kids did so well, and even more shocked by what they chose as their favorite ride! The log flume with a giant drop!

Take a virtual ride on it here.

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    1. Ha! It won't be going on the mantle anytime soon, but it's nice to say we at least have a picture. Do you guys even have amusement parks in Utah, or is Disneyland as close as you get? Maybe that's our trade off for not having the splash pads!

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