Indie Love: Vintage V-neck

Vintage V-neck designed by Blank Slate Patterns, sewn by Sugar Tart Crafts
You know, for all the griping I did yesterday about how this kid has been a pain in the tush lately, there is one thing I absolutely adore about him. (ok, well there’s obviously more than one thing, but whatever) Corbin is a complete JOY to photograph. While his sister is giving me the blank zombie looks and telling me “I don’t know how to smile! Is this it?” *crazy horror movie creeper child face* (seriously, she could scare you all away with these serial killer grins!), this one is just a dimple machine who’s more than happy to get his grove on in front of the camera. Reli might have me pulling out my hair, but he’s got me doubled over with giggles just trying to pull myself together long enough to get the shots I need.
Vintage V-neck pattern designed by Blank Slate Patterns


And score! He actually likes to wear the clothes I make for him. He was so excited about his special new star shirt, (that Ant says is too  feminine for a little boy) and was telling everyone at the fireworks “Sissy has sparkles, and Or-bin has staws. Yea!” Totally precious.
Now if only the shirt had been so cooperative! You know I couldn’t go skipping all rainbows and unicorns through this collection telling you how every single pattern is fabulous, and you simple must buy it right this second. (even though you know how much I enjoy unicorns) That just wouldn’t be the truth, and I try my best to be honest with you guys even when it makes me look stupid.
DIY Boy's t-shirts - Vintage V-neck Pattern
I made this shirt using the Vintage V-neck pattern from Blank Slate Patterns, and for the life of me I can’t figure out how I could have messed it up. I mean Melissa is amazing, and the girl knows how to make some totally awesome patterns (you’ll see more of them later in the collection), but it took me more than four tries, and a bit of hand sewing to get the neck binding on straight. It’s just a t-shirt for crying out loud, and it’s labeled as a beginner pattern at that, so what was I doing wrong?!
Pattern review for the Vintage V-neck by Blank Slate Patterns
Of course if I wasn’t sewing it up on the 3rd like any sane person, I would have asked Melissa for help, and I’m sure she could have easily pointed out my mistake(s). But ain’t nobody got time for that! True I went against the directions and used jersey instead of rib knit for the collar, but I made adjustments for that. My problem wasn’t getting Corbin’s chunky head through the opening, but getting the goofy V point to work without being all funky and wrinkled! You can tell it made me so frustrated that I couldn’t even be bothers to hem it once I finally got it figured it out, but I’m dubbing that the “vintage look” and moving on.
Burnout stars t-shirt from the Vintage V-neck pattern by Blank Slate Patterns


I’m sure I’ll try again later when my brain isn’t quite so frazzled, but right now, this pattern just isn’t for me. Have you ever had a pattern like that? You know, the one that you love how it looks in all the pictures, but sewing it makes you so crazy that you just can’t bring yourself to make it very often. Do you try to make it every few months anyway, just to see if it’ll work this time, or is it permanently banished to the bottom of the pattern box?

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    1. You're AWESOME Melissa! As soon as I watched your video I knew exactly what I did wrong. (stupid rookie mistake from lack of sleep!) I'm sure the next V-neck I sew will turn out perfectly. Thanks so much for sharing!

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