Indie Love: Perfect Polo and Coastal Cargos


Hide your daughters, ladies! This kid’s cuteness just can’t be contained.
Look at those dimples! No wonder he thinks he can get away with anything.That’s trouble with a capital T right there!

(and if anyone doesn’t believe me I’d be happy to rent him out for the weekend to prove it. 😉


Ok, now it’s time to get your head in the game. We’re here to talk about clothes not adorable kids darn it! I know it’s hard, but scroll back up and try to ignore the goofy grin this time, because the clothes definitely deserve some attention too.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.
Remember a few weeks back when I was whining explaining that I couldn’t figure out how to sew Melissa’s V-neck Tee pattern? (I’ve figured out where I screwed up by the way thanks to her great video tutorial!) Well I know it makes absolutely no sense at all, but this polo shirt was actually much, MUCH easier to sew than the v-neck. I have no explanation, but I’m in love with this pattern!


And lets just keep right on rollin’ with the Blank Slate Patterns…



These Coastal Cargo pants (not to be confused with the Coastal Baggies shorts) are one of the most in-depth patterns I’ve ever seen created by an Indie designer. But I promise, even though the pattern is complex, the instructions are equally detailed, and explain everything you need to know. It’s pretty awesome seeing designers incorporate these more advanced skills. Go Melissa!


Completely off topic (again) but I gotta know – Is it totally weird that I sometimes think about having my eggs frozen just so I can share the cuteness with other Moms? Yea, I’m sure Ant’s genetics contributed something to the mix, but lets face it, our kids can totally thank me for the blue eyes, dimples, and quirky smirk. Whoa, does that make me sound vain? I’m truly not, but I am much too selfish to actually go whole hog and be a surrogate. Some women think it’s a wonderful thing, but I really don’t enjoy being pregnant. Not. At. All. Is this something that other Mom’s sit and think about, or am I being even crazier than normal?
Senior pictures anyone?

Geesh! I just can’t seem to stay on topic today. Thanks goodness it’s Friday and I can take the weekend to get sorted after another crazy week. Hopefully things will be much more relaxed for the rest of the month and I can let you in on some of the big changes that are going to be happening soon at our house. I’ve been planning something recently that’s both exciting and scary, and it doesn’t even have anything to do with Halloween! Give me about one more week or so, and then I’ll be ready to spill the beans. Promise.


But first, let’s kick off the weekend by you guys telling me something fun about yourselves!

Tell me: What you’ve been sewing lately – What book you’re reading –  What you ate for breakfast,

How you’re feeling about sending the kids back to school – I’ll take anything you’ve got!


Happy Friday!


6 thoughts on “Indie Love: Perfect Polo and Coastal Cargos

  1. Oh my goodness! I love that polo! I can't believe you made it – it totally looks professional! If I attempted one it would look nothing like that I'm sure. I think I'll stick to attempting pj pants once a year and maybe venture into trying to sew some skirts for my daughter 🙂 Awesome job!

    1. Thanks Natalie! I actually couldn't believe I made it either! I'm not very good at BOY sewing yet, so I was sure I would end up with some mangled heap that looked nothing like a shirt. Melissa's pattern really is just that good! Pj's and skirts are always a great place to start, but I'm sure you could pull off a polo if you tried. Just keep sewing!

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