Indie Love: 5 & 10 Designs Look #2 and Gone Adrift Skirt

I honestly didn’t want to share this outfit. I started writing this post way back in June and kept waffling back and forth
“Should I? Shouldn’t I? Umm…well…maybe… Oh for goodness sake just suck it up and get it over with already!”
You see, my sewing failures seem to have become more and more frequent lately, and sooner or later you guys are surely going to start whispering to each other behind your hands “Why do we follow this girl again? She’s lucky they don’t require a license to operate a sewing machine, because she has no idea what she’s doing! *snicker, snicker* Of course you are all so wonderful you’d never say anything like that, but just try explaining that to my subconscious.  It likes to say naughty stuff about me when it thinks I’m not paying attention.

Most of you already saw that I made Look #6 using this same pattern from 5 & 10 Designs. That one was adorable, and came together very easily, but this one, Look #2, was the piece I was really looking forward to sewing. As soon as Jess shared her version during the pattern release, I was hooked and knew I’d have to add the pattern to my collection. Unfortunately, it just wan’t meant to be this time.

The skirt is another version of the Gone Adrift skirt from last year’s collection, but I haven’t quite gotten the measurements the perfected yet, so I’ll share a tutorial for it later when I’ve got those all straightened out. The Paris skirt I shared a few days ago is actually quite close in style if you’d like to make one right now though.
Little goofs or “edits” happen all the time when anyone is sewing. (It’s not just me!) That’s just a fact of life, and little extra work for the seam ripper. But it’s a very rare instance when I sew something that ends up being completely unwearable no matter how I try to fix it.  There’s always a way; adding zippers, elastic, buttons, trimming out extra fabric, or adding small pieces in here and there, but whatever it is, I haven’t quite been able to figure it out when it comes to this top. It’s definitely more than a little frustrating.
I need to fix:
The length is very short, boardering on a belly shirt, but still quite full and blousey
The front neckline is very low, and we had more than a few nip-slips during the photoshoot (not cool!)
I really like the open back and would like to find some way to keep that, at least a little.
No big deal right? Well weeks later I still have no clue! So I turn to you guys in the time of my dumb.
Do you have any suggestions about what I could do to “Make it work?”


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