Pre-Halloween Pony Sale!

Wait what? Did that title just say what you think it said?

Oh yeah it did…Halloween!

No, I haven’t started making my kid’s costumes yet. I’m not that eager to be done with summer, and you know I’m a last-minute kinda gal when it comes to those types of things anyway. But I am trying to lessen the My Little Pony Costume craziness that was last fall by holding an “early bird” sale for my Etsy shop. It’s my way of showing my appreciation for everyone who plans ahead and doesn’t wait until two weeks before Halloween to send me a desperate “My kid NEEDS one of your costumes right now!” e-mail. Those make me cry.

I’m pretty much renowned for biting off more than I can chew no matter what project I’m working on, and my love for the ponies just makes Halloween that much worse. It breaks my heart to have to turn those folks away when I’m up to my ears in fleece and fluff-n-stuff, and am already staying up to all hours of the night trying to help as many people as I can. What can I say, I’m a sucker. 

So in an attempt to entice the majority of the procrastinators early, I’m offering your choice of 10% or free shipping (domestic) on ALL orders placed between now and the beginning of September! There’s no minimum purchase, and I strongly encourage everyone to use whichever coupon code gets them the better deal. (because I’m sweet like that 😉

10% off your entire order – NIGHTMARE

Free Domestic Shipping – DERPYHOOVES

Plus, due to popular demand I’ve even added a few new listings! 

Take a look a these…

Unicorn Horn Headbands

One-piece Infant Spike the Dragon

Two-piece Children’s Spike the Dragon

and an Optional Rhinestones Add-on

And as always,  if you’d like to try your hand at sewing your own Pony Costume (or modify one), you can find the beginning of the sew long from last year here or the entire series on the Tutorials page. I’ll be posting a special Pony Costume Linky Party once we get a little closer to Halloween for anyone who wants to share their own versions. Here’s a look at the awesome collection from last year!

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