Indie Love: Viewfinder Tee and Prefontaine Shorts


I know Steve Prefontaine was a great track star and all, but that was before my time. As a child of the 80’s, when I look at this outfit all I can think of are roller skates and tube socks. Man! Sometimes I wish I had unlimited time (and money) to run around putting together awesome photo-shoots. How cute would that have been?
Oh well, Reli doesn’t know how to roller-skate anyway, so we probably would have ended up with more bruises than pictures.
Best to settle for a side ponytail I suppose. I’m all for a game of mix and match the decades!
Some of you have probably noticed that I tend to work with solid fabrics (sometimes stripes) more often than the tons of adorable prints you know I’ve got stashed away. I think prints are gorgeous, but it’s something to do with my simplistic personal style that makes me leery to use them in my projects. I’ve been trying really hard to increase my “brightness level” with this collection though, and am so glad I decided on this happy floral for these shorts from Made with Moxie, instead of the grey I had been planning. The flowers are just too cute with that pink viewfinder tee from See Kate Sew.


They just look so fun! I may even have to make a pair for myself using this free pattern from Melly Sews. I’m not going to actually run in them of course, but they’d sure make some awesome shorts for chillin’ on the sofa reading a book. Cuz that’s just how I roll…errr, sit. Whatever!



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