My most daunting undertaking ever! (aka Homeschooling Kindergarten)

I love my children. I really do, but lets face it – if you plan to be a stay at home Mom, you probably embark on this adventure with the expectation that if you can just keep everyone alive and happy for the first 5 years, you’ll be granted a well deserved break in the form of Kindergarten. Some of you may even get there a year or two earlier with a little preschool action, but unfortunately in my case, we just bought our first house, and DC/Northern Virginia area preschool costs and arm & a leg, (What am I saying? Everything in DC/NoVa is more expensive!) so no pre-school for us. Whatever. I stuck it out. No daycare, no babysitters, no family members within a 2 hour drive. Go me!

Now if you’ve been keeping track, you may know that Aurelia’s birthday is coming up quickly. On October the 5th my darling first born child will turn 5 years old……..5 days after the cut-off for Kindergarten. FIVE! Anyone care to hazard a guess as to how many days Reli held out after her due date? Go ahead, you totally know… Yup, Five.

Am I whining? Abso-frigging-lutely I’m whining! I’m complaining, and maybe even whimpering a bit too. I can’t even pretend that I’m not a little bitter over this, and the fact that Virginia allows for absolutely no exceptions whatsoever. There’s no way to test in or anything like that. They don’t care if you’ve birthed the next Einstein. Tough Luck! Trust me, I checked.

But why am I so upset over this if I love my kids? 

If you’re a stay/work at home mom, you already know the answer to this question. 


Yes, I am capitalization and bold worthy tired.

Physically and mentally exhausted. 

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying for a second that working Moms have it easier or anything like that, and it definitely depends on the temperament of each child too. But if you’ve ever endured the 24-7 non-stop chatter of a small child(ren) you have to admit it completely wears you down. In Aurelia’s (almost) 5 years I’ve been away for a full day twice, and overnight only once. (To go to the dentist no less!)

So I’m sure you’re wondering how this little rant of mine has anything to do with homeschooling. If I’m so stressed and crazy already, surely I wouldn’t make it worse for myself (and possibly everyone else around me) by adding homeschooling to my plate.  WRONG!

Don’t you know me at all? 

Over-ambitious should be my freakin’ middle name!

I think I’ll sew some kids clothes – Why not make a whole collection (or two)

I want to learn how to knit. – Obviously a cable knit v-neck sweater is the place to start! (wish I had pics)

People seem to really like my Rainbow Dash costume. – Why not turn the tutorial into a 13 part sew-along?

And don’t even get me started on all my to-do lists and resolutions! These aren’t the actions of a sane individual.

So when Aurelia came to me all miserable asking “Why won’t they let me go to school” and “All I want to do is learn how to read.” You know it didn’t even enter my mind for a second that I could just sit down and teach her how to read. If she’s going to learn, why not learn all the stuff she’s missing out on this year in kindergarten. It doesn’t matter that one of the major reasons we bought this house is because I wanted her in the best school district – She’ll still go next year. It doesn’t even matter that my patience level lately has been practically non-existent. I just cant find it in myself to ignore her little pleas to “learn stuff”. What do you say to that…”No, just go play. You can learn everything next year.” I can’t. It’s just not something I can say. Instead we’ll homeschool.

I’m scared, overwhelmed, and almost positive I’ll screw her up in a way that will make her teachers cringe later on.

But I’ve made a plan, and I’m gonna try my darndest to stick to it. Until further notice. 😉

I’ve got other posts coming soon about the curriculum we’re using  and how our schedule will go for anyone who’s curious, but for now I just wanted to share the news and let you know what you guys can expect from me in the blog department. Obviously I’ll have a much busier day ahead of me with all the “school time” and lesson planning, but I’m also hoping the tighter schedule will help me get my blog posts written faster. Right now I tend to La-de-da my weekends and nap-times away getting sucked into this facebook post or that pinterest board. I’m such a procrastinator! Hopefully this will be the kick in the tush I need to set a timer and use my precious “Mommy time” to get my stuff in order and finished as quickly as possible. 

Right now, I intend to stick to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule until we get into the swing of things. Corbin has recently decided that he is completely finished with naps (even though he still needs them desperately!), so it might be a little hit or miss for a few weeks, but luckily my over-achieving persona kicked into high gear and decided to schedule out possible posts clear through to the new year. Then again I’m not exactly known to follow a schedule very well either, so we’ll just have to wait and see. I did break down and get a tablet this past weekend though, so you can finally follow me on instagram now. (am I the last holdout?) I know some folks have been requesting that I embrace technology for quite a while, so that should be fun. You’ll all be able to see my melt-downs in color! 

So…That’s my plan, my reasoning, and my rant.

Think of me as you send your munchkins off on the school bus!

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3 thoughts on “My most daunting undertaking ever! (aka Homeschooling Kindergarten)

  1. Anytime you take on a task for your children, you are a winner. I homeschooled my youngest (at the time) and did so for 3 years. I never regretted this. I would have loved to have been able to homeschool longer, however life happens. Enjoy it and learn along. You will find you have taken on most rewarding project of your life. (and yes, everyone thought I was a bit squirrley)

  2. You are amazing. Even the fact that you're willing to take on something like this for your kids–just that you would even CONSIDER it–shows what a devoted, loving mom you are. Go Toni! Such a huge, huge, huge bummer that she can't start school, especially since she's so excited, but I bet she'll love learning at home with you. Can't wait to hear more about how you do it!

    (Also, I have a friend who just moved in down the street from me from Virginia, and she was absolutely floored by how cheap preschool is out here in comparison to VA–her daughter is the same age as Forrest, and she says there was no way they could afford preschool back in VA and were so excited to get here and find out they could pay for it. I had no idea prices varied so much!)

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