Our Backyard Makeover

How was everyone’s long weekend? I wish I could say we did something fun and exciting, but unless you find waiting 4.5 hours for an oil change “fun” then nope, I got nothin’. Now you wanna know how that happened right? Well long story short, the understaffed dealership  (Where I definitely wouldn’t go if my oil changes weren’t free!) blocked my car in, and then lost the keys to the car in front of me. Evidently they were waiting to see how long it would take me to get cranky before they even bothered to go look for them either. I mean I was grateful for the quiet time to read my book, but who really wants to sit in a waiting room all day?
Anyway, That got me thinking about other things that I didn’t enjoy doing, and I remembered that I was so wrapped up in getting the summer collection ready, that I never shared out backyard makeover from this spring. Talk about no-fun HARD work!  I think it was one of those projects that just made us so tired that I didn’t want to talk about it for awhile. Here’s a little rundown of what we did…
 A townhouse mini backyard makeover
1 – Get rid of all the pea gravel, rotting lumber, and moss. So many tiny rocks!
2. Build a raised bed garden and fill it with a bajillion (like 35) bags of garden soil. 
3. Add a few plants to the garden while your husband uses a roto-tiller to tear up the yard and cable line.
4. Get the cable fixed, add more plants to the garden, and finally lay some new sod.
The azalea that took over the yard!
Oh, and I can’t forget about the world’s largest azalea. After much “You’re going to kill it!” and shaking of heads by our neighbors, I trimmed the Crown Victoria sized shrub down to Mini Cooper size. Turns out it’s actually 3 separate azaleas that grew into a massive blob. Who knew? I wish I would have taken better pictures of this, because the trimmings pile filled the entire back of our mini van! And you can see from the new little sprouts that I obviously didn’t kill it. In fact, it has come back so well that my husband asked me to prune it again this fall. I had to say no though, because I didn’t want to ruin the spring flowers. They might not last long, but they really are pretty.

A beginners garden!
And just in case you were wondering what I planted in the garden, here it is. Most of this is actually gone by now to make room for our fall veggies, but man did it flourish! The tomatoes, green beans (climbing not bush), and cucumbers all got so tall they cleared the fence and started claiming part of the deck stairs. Our squash and cucumbers did end up getting some kind of white mildew stuff because of the humidity here, but other than that everything produced like crazy! Not bad for our first try. Now we have sugar peas, carrots, broccoli, lettuce, and spinach starting while we finish up harvesting the tomatoes, peppers, and green beans.
Now at least I can pretend that we’ve started working on the house a little, because we’re seven months in and haven’t even started decorating a single room on the inside. Baby steps. Did I mention the playroom is leaking? Oh, and the AC unit had to be replaced? It seems we need to make everything work properly before we can actually start making it look pretty. Such is the life of a homeowner. 😉
What was your first undertaking when you moved into your first house?

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2 thoughts on “Our Backyard Makeover

  1. Wow, awesome transformation! We keep insisting we're going to plant a garden one of these years, and we keep not doing it. We took a baby step forward by digging out the garden bed area that some previous owner must have put in at some point, and then didn't do anything more. So now we have a very impressive weed garden. *sigh* Your yard looks wonderful!

  2. I came over to your blog from Utube. I just watched your video on single fold bias tape. Not knowing how to leave a comment there I came here to say Thank You … You have saved me hours on some items I am making! Great tips on that video! It never dawned on me to sew it flat then fold it to the seam then fold again! I agree with you :O) I would much rather do the math then the iron! :O) That is perfect for what I am doing!! Thank You again!

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