Our Kindergarten Homeschool Schedule

Obviously since this is our whopping third day of homeschooling, I have no idea if this is the schedule we’ll use for a month or the entire year. Reli has been sleeping in til nine recently (not complaining!), while Corbin has been on some kind of nap strike. (supposedly that blue block between 2 and 5) Who knows what kind of changes daylight savings and the Holidays will bring, but this was my original plan. 
Kindergarten Homeschool Schedule

And of course I’ve already scrapped the entire thing for the month of October to account for my mad Halloween rush of pony orders (which has surprisingly turned into the Spike show lately.) In order to account for all my extra work (and massive lack of sleep) I’ve decided to only do school three days a week. The other two days we’ll be in total “survival mode” and watch waaaaay too much TV. 

Keeping it real folks. Momma’s gotta make some money too. 😉

Now I’m curious…Do you do your shopping on the same day every week, or just whenever you have a chance? I’ve found that since I go every Monday morning, I’ve gotten to know most of the local market employees. It’s nice to chat them up while I’m running my boring errands, and lets face it – I’ll take adult conversation any way I can get it! What about you?

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3 thoughts on “Our Kindergarten Homeschool Schedule

  1. So organized! I'm interested to hear how this all works out for you. The extent of our weekly schedule is something like, "Monday: grocery shopping. Tuesday: grocery shopping round 2 when I realize all the things I forgot. Wednesday-Friday: Mommy tries to maintain what little grasp she has of her sanity."

  2. Don't hate me…..we get our groceries delivered once a week. All the main supermarkets here now have the facility to order online and then book a 1hour delivery slot. We pay £30 a year for the privilege. I'd pay 4 x that to not have to go to the supermarket!!!

  3. Augh, I LOVE this. I have -such a hard time- finding schedules and homeschooling stuff which are not deeply religious (we're atheists) or assume that I somehow never have responsibilities that I need to take care of. Most of the schedules I find out there are 24/7 focus on kids, no time for yourself, lol-why-did-you-have-kids-if-not-to-worship-them-?-esque and it drive me up a frickin' wall. My son just finished preschool and has about 6 weeks between now and when he starts Kindergarten and I had the sudden realization yesterday that all the plans I had for the next several weeks to go running in the mornings basically have to go out the window now. Your schedule assumes that parents are also individual human beings. And I -love that-. <3 <3

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