I Re-branded! (now what?)

After surviving my first year as a stay at home mom, I wanted to find a purpose for my days aside from washing laundry and wiping butts. So shortly after Aurelia’s 1st birthday, Sugar Tart Crafts was created. What began as a “project a day” diary of my crafts, quickly evolved into something new. And now after 3 moves, a 2nd baby, and our first house, The Sugar Tart Crafts era has finally come to an end.

Welcome to Stitch & Pink

Stitch & Pink Logo

the Name:

I love puns…Puns and pretty much any kind of play on words. I know it’s kinda dorky, but they make me giggle. Stitch and Pink came about as a twist on the seam finish by the same name, and the fact that I stitch…and I have pink hair. 😛

If I even wanted to take it one step further, I could pretend they refer to my kids as well; Corbin being Stitch with his propensity for head wounds, and Aurelia as Pink. This isn’t about them though. It’s about me. Well…that and I couldn’t think of anything better.


the Look:

I wanted something a little more versatile that showed more of a focus on sewing, but also kept a bit of my quirkiness. The stitching and pinked menus were a no brainer, but the hearts and cute font are all about my personality. And with all the new white space, the focus will be more on my (hopefully) amazing pictures.

the Motto:

Shop  –  Learn – Create
Obviously, sewing isn’t for everyone. But I absolutely believe that anyone who wants to learn to sew can. And once you learn the basics, the creative possibilities are endless.

the Goals:

Shop – Offer fun and quirky children’s clothes, for those who appreciate quality handmade pieces, without the effort.
Learn – Provide weekly YouTube videos for anyone who is interested in learning more advanced sewing techniques.
Create – Share awesome DIY ideas and tutorials on the blog and eventually my own sewing patterns.

the Schedule:

Blog Posts – Mondays and Wednesdays
YouTube Lessons – Fridays
Themed Collections – Seasonally (roughly every 3 months) beginning June 2016

There will also be a Newsletter sent out monthly with “behind the scenes” sneak peeks, information about sales and promotions, and a bit of “Check this out!” inspiration. If you’d like to be included, go here to sign up.


Things will continue to change a little for the next few weeks as I work on editting old photos and links, but that covers all the major changes for now. If you have any questions, or can’t find a particular post, feel free to message me at the new address – Toni@stitchandpink.com and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Happy Monday!

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