DIY Sprinkle Shoes (with free cut file!)

DIY Sprinkle Sneakers by Stitch & Pink

I knew the second I saw these Sprinkle Shoes on Pinterest that they would. be. mine!
*insert maniacal evil kitten laughter* 😈

I’m not a big shoe person. Definitely, a barefoot or flip-flops kinda gal. But these little sneakers were calling out to my soul…or soles rather. Comfy, Casual, and Quirky –  It’s like my entire personality was distilled onto my foot. It that weird?

Who cares?!
They’re cute and we’re gonna make em!

DIY Sprinkle shoes with free silhouette cut file
1. Gather your supplies.

For dyeing:
Canvas shoes – $6 at Walmart
Fabric dye
Waterproof tape
Bowl/bucket/sink large enough to hold shoes
Rubber gloves – optional unless you like rainbow fingers

For sprinkles:
Silhouette sprinkle cut file*
Heat transfer vinyl
An iron – This mini one was much easier to work with.
Tweezers – Optional, but they make the process easier

*I’ve included both chubby and skinny sprinkles for you to choose from. I used the skinny version for these shoes.*

2. Tape off the rubber soles of your shoes to keep the dye from accidently tinting them.

3. Mix your dye according to the package directions. Remove the laces from your shoes and submerge them in the dye for the appropriate amount of time.

4. Wash & dry your pretty new colored shoes!

5. Use your Silhouette and this free sprinkle file to cut out your favorite sprinkle colors from heat transfer vinyl.

6. Trim the htv into individual sprinkles, and scatter them randomly over your shoe.

7. Iron the sprinkles in place, being extra careful not to touch the sole of the shoe. It WILL melt!

8. Repeat – sticking sprinkles and ironing them until your whole shoe is filled.

I’m not gonna lie, it took a good while to add all those sprinkles.
I’m talkin’ like 2-3 hours per shoe. 😆

But it was totally worth it to make these amazingly adorable shoes for less than $10. Sweet!


Don’t have a Silhouette, but still need a pair of sprinkle shoes in your life?
You know I got you! Here are a few other ways you can get a similar look…

Embroidery thread – Straight stitch. Done.
Bugle beads – Just stitch or glue em on.
Painting – It’s really just little lines here & there.
Stamping – No skill with a paintbrush? Cut a sprinkle shape from an eraser & stamp them on with fabric paint.
Iron on paper – Print and Iron. Simple.


Anyone else suddenly craving donuts?🍩

5 thoughts on “DIY Sprinkle Shoes (with free cut file!)

    1. Thanks Jess! They’re kinda my favorite. Htv on shoes opens up a whole new realm of possibilities…as long as you don’t melt the soles off. 😀

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