Kitty Nose Leggings – including free cut file

If you saw Monday’s post, you already know that you’re in for a world of cuteness leading up to the June release of this summer’s Kitten’s & Cream collection. I’ve got over a dozen tutorials, and eight new outfits coming your way.
Kittens, Sprinkles, and Ice Cream – Oh my!

There’s almost too much awesomeness for me to control, so I decided to to kick things off right by starting with a free cut-able.

Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Especially free ADORABLE stuff!?

Nobody. The answer is Nobody.


These little kitties are so sweet and simple, and if you have a Silhouette, you’re gonna love me. And even if you don’t have one. . .well it’s still easy, so you can love me too. ;D


Here’s what you’ll need for a freezer paper version:

Kitty Nose Silhouette File  or Kitty Nose Printable
Freezer Paper
Exacto knife
Fabric Paint  (I use Tulip brand Soft .)
Leggings (would also be cute as elbow patches!)


1. Transfer the image onto a piece of freezer paper and cut it out.

2. Have your child try on the leggings, and mark where their knees are.

(I like to use my frixion pens for this because the mark will disappear later.)


3. Iron the freezer paper (shiny side down!) over your markings.


4. Place another piece of freezer paper or card-stock inside the pant legs to prevent the paint from seeping through.


5. Paint! You may need a few coats depending on your colors.

6. After the paint has dried, peel up the freezer paper.

7. Press the paint with a hot iron to set it.

Done -wm

Ta da!

Of course if you have a silhouette, you could always go the heat transfer route too.  It might be faster. I just remember what is was like before I got mine, and didn’t want anyone to feel left out.  Gotta share the love!

And don’t YOU forget to share the love either. I adore seeing your creations! @StitchandPink

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