Quick & Easy – Octonauts Birthday Party

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I know I said I’ll be focusing more on sewing from now on, but Corbin just turned four,  (OMG 4!!!) and I was so enamored with his adorable Octonaut Birthday party that I just had to share.

I have to admit I love the show just as much as the kids, and it’s so educational that I don’t really care if they binge watch it on Netflix on the weekends. The critters are just too darn cute!

Octonaut Cake Collage - wm

the Cake:

I made two 8″ rounds and two 6″ rounds and covered them with my favorite bakery style icing and marshmallow fondant. A little crushed graham cracker “sand”, some nerds, a few icing “seaweed” squiggles, and a handful of plastic toy critters and… Bam!  Done. (Sixlets made the perfect little pearls for Kwazii’s chest.)

It honestly took me longer to make the cakes and icings than it did to decorate the whole cake.

Octonaut food Collage - wm

the Food:

Kelp Juice – blue raspberry juice mixed with lemonade
Starfish Mini Pizzas – english muffins + a cookie cutter
Octopus Hotdogs – 1 hotdog makes 2 octopi
Fish Biscuits – goldfish crackers
Turtle Eggs – powdered donut holes
Kelp cakes – upside-down applesauce cups with faces
Muncha-Buncha-Crunchy Carrots
Swedish fish

the Decorations:

Quick! Grab 2 blue tablecloths,  a bunch of Octonaut toys off the play-room floor, and a pile of aquarium decorations from Walmart. Simple perfection!

Octonaut table - wm

the Games:

Pin the patch on Kwazii – Posterboard + a marker & some black construction paper
Octonaut Bingo – Print these cards & go wild!
Treasure Hunt – Digging for gold coins in the sandbox
Urchin Toss – Throwing $1 light-up balls through a 97¢ inner tube

Even though I’ve complained before about how I don’t like the way pinterest is pressuring me into upping my birthday game, I’m weirdly ok with it this time. Don’t get me wrong – I know I completely do it to myself, but I am NOT a party planner. This was such an easy party to throw together in just a day or two though that I didn’t feel all stressed out like I have with previous ones.

Am I finally getting the hang of this Super-Parenting thing?




Nope. Laundrys not folded & floors are still crusty. It’s still me. 😛

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  1. Um, adorable. Please come throw all my kids’ parties for them!!! That cake is amazing and all the little treats and setup are just so clever and darling.

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