DIY Sequin Bow Neck Tshirt

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Everything’s better with sparkles!
At least Aurelia sure thinks so…and probably most other little girls too. 😉

Back when I was searching for inspiration for the Kittens & Cream collection, I stumbled upon this sweater, and knew right away that I had to make my own version. It’s so cute and vintage-y and a little bit quirky – everything I wanted in my collection!

Sequins can be a pain to work with though, so I gave it a few different tries. Finally I came up with a method that leaves a nice clean edge without resorting to hand sewing. Wanna try?

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 Supplies-wm

  • My bow neck Template
  • Some sequin fabric – I highly suggest these mini ones.
  • Lite EZ-Steam 2
  • A marking pen  – You know I ❤ my frixion pens!
  • Scissors – Not your fabric shears!
  • A T-shirt
  • A 1″ button with a shank –  same color as your sequins
  • A needle and matching thread

2 trace-wm1. Trace the template onto the back of your sequins.

3 trim - wm2. Trim away the extra fabric about 1/4″ from your line, taking care to clip into the pointed areas.

4 sticky-wm3. Place strips of the fusible tape on the inside of your marking pen line and fold the excess around the edge. You’ll need to work with small pieces around the curves, and press firmly to secure the edges to the tape .

pinning Collage -wm4. Once the edges are secured, pin the bow in place along the neckline. For a seamless look, repeat the fold & stick process with a 3/4″ strip for the back neckline.

9 sewing-wm5. Edge-stitch the sequins in place. I found that a stitch length of 3 worked best, and the needle slid right between these smaller sequins without breaking any.

covered button - wm 6. Use a small scrap to create a covered button for the center. Here’s a great tutorial if you need a little help.

finished-wm7. Stitch the button in place and you’re done!

Isn’t that fun?
And it’s great, because you can use the same process for practically any shape you want. Now go forth and Sparkle All the Things!

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