How to make Polymer Clay Sprinkles

DIY Fake Sprinkles
How to make polymer clay sprikles

If you haven’t figured it out yet – the cream part of the Kittens and Cream collection refers to ICE CREAM! And what’s ice cream without sprinkles? I 😍 sprinkles! Sprinkle shoes, sprinkle fabric, sprinkle everything! And since this collection gives me the perfect excuse to do just that, I’ve got 2 or 3  tutorials coming that’ll include these adorable Polymer Clay Sprinkles. Make a few today and be ready to create even more awesome sprinkle-y goodness!

How to make Polymer Clay Sprinkles
Clay Sprinkle Tutorail

These are SUPER easy.

1. Soften your clay. If it’s really hard, use a tiny dab of petroleum jelly to help get it going.

2. Roll the soften clay into tiny snakes. If you plan on making a bunch of sprinkles, you may want to invest in an extruder like this one*, and use the multi hole disc to speed things along. *affiliate link*

3. Bake your snakes.😄 Make sure the pieces aren’t touching. Then follow the directions on your clay to bake them. 270° for 8-9 minutes in the toaster oven worked well for me. Any longer, and the clay will start to burn so keep an eye on it.

4. Wait for the clay to cool and then chop it into sprinkles with a razor. Make sure to vary the sizes so they look even more realistic.

That’s it!
Go ahead and mix up any color clay you want to create your own custom blend. I can’t wait to share the projects I’ve got in store to use these. I’ve got a special “galaxy” version in the works that matches my hair that I think you’re gonna love as much as I do!🍨

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