Why I don’t want you to buy my collection…

Yep, you read that right. I DO NOT want you to buy my collections.
I’ve been talking about it for months, sharing all these tutorials that tie in with the theme, and even going so far as to write a 2 part post about all the hard work that goes into the process of making a collection. . .And still I don’t want you to buy anything.

Sequin bow tee

Now before you start thinking “Oh lord, Toni’s finally lost it. She’s cracked.”
Hear me out…

I mentioned when I came back from my hiatus that I’ve got a new motto:

Shop – Learn – Create

You’ll see that splattered here and there around my blog and social media, but what does it really mean?

Sundae Social Dress
Those are my goals for my blog, business, life…pretty much everything!

Shop – Offer fun and quirky children’s clothes, for those who appreciate quality handmade pieces, without the effort.
Learn – Provide weekly YouTube videos for anyone who is interested in learning more advanced sewing techniques.
Create – Share awesome DIY ideas and tutorials on the blog and eventually my own sewing patterns.


If you’re reading this, chances are reasonably high that it’s because you’re a blog follower. You’re a creative DIY kinda person who likes cute crafts, or wants to learn how to sew. I love you. I really do…but you’re not my target customer. You’re not a Shopper.

You’re a Learner! You’re a Creator! And all I want you to take from my collections is inspiration. I want you to see one of my outfits and think ” I can make that!” or better yet, “I can make that even more awesome!” Because you totally can. Even if you’re just learning how to sew, I completely believe that one day, you’ll be creating the most amazing things. And if one of my little dresses inspires you to learn the skills to you need to do that, I’ll be BEYOND thrilled!


I get asked a lot by family and friends, “Why do you tire yourself making videos to give away for free on Youtube? Why not teach a class or write a course or something, so you get something out of it?”

And my answer? I don’t want to make it hard.

The first thing I hear when I tell people I’m a seamstress is “Oh, that’s a dying art.” “That’s so hard” “You made what?! I could never do that!”

I absolutely CAN NOT STAND those responses. It makes me want to throw something. The only reason you “can’t sew” is because you don’t want to. period.

Are you going to create a gorgeous ruffled ball gown with pleats and tucks of raw silk? Probably not, but don’t try to tell me you can’t make a pillowcase or a simple gathered skirt. I won’t believe you.


Now don’t get me wrong – that’s completely OK! I don’t want to learn how to be a computer programmer, or a pilot, or a scuba instructor. It’s not that I couldn’t be one of those, but those things just aren’t for me. Just like sewing isn’t for everyone. And thank goodness too, because I still need somebody out there to buy my clothes! 😉

But if you really want to create something that’s completely yours, I want to help. You’re here because you’re a creative person with your own style. Trust me, I know my style isn’t for everyone. I want you to make your own.

Ok, that’s my spiel.
Still think I’m crazy?


Well, maybe I am.
You know what I would like though?

Instead of buying my stuff, I’d really love it if you’d just help me spread the word.
And I don’t mean about the shop either…share anything!

If you’re learning how to sew, – Why not share one of my youtube videos with your twitter peeps? Maybe they’ve been wanting to learn themselves!
Loved those Sprinkle Shoes I made? I bet your IG followers would too.
Facebook…well, I suck at facebook, but share something with those folks too!


I’m absolutely terrible at social media. Giving me a shout out here or there would be even more amazing to me than if you bought my whole darn collection!
I’m not even kidding. I suck at Facebook.😆

4 thoughts on “Why I don’t want you to buy my collection…

  1. I agree with so much you wrote here! (And I thought I was the only one who sucked at FB!) But I’m a creator, not a shopper…
    Love your photos. Keep up the good work!

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