Kittens and Cream Collection Launch!

I’m sure some of you were probably starting to think I had forgotten about you again, but I promise that isn’t true. This week has just been extra crazy as my past few months of work has finally come to fruition. Monday the Kittens and Cream Collection launched in my brand new Stitch and Pink shop! 🎉 Yay!

Kittens and Cream collection from Stitch & Pink

Before if you clicked on that little Shop button up in the menu bar, it took you to my Etsy page, but now you get to go to my own special shop right within this site. Talk about squeals of delight! It just makes me feel so “legit” ya know? Of course I’ve still got products listed on Etsy because they get waaaay more traffic than I do, but it’s nice to have a place to call my own.

Milkshake shorts

So now that that’s over with, things will start to get back to normal. Next week I’ll be sharing posts about the new outfits in the collection, but I’ve also got a few cute tutorials that’ll be comin’ your way soon. And most important – Friday’s sewing lessons will definitely resume next week too! I’ve already got the next one filmed, and just need to get it edited this weekend.

Sundae Social Dress

Anything else I missed?

Oh, today is also the last day of school for us, so Aurelia is officially a first grader now. 😮Let the summer craziness begin!

And don’t forget to go check out the Kittens and Cream Collection and tell me how adorable everything is. 😉

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