DIY Kawaii Face Tshirts (with a free cut file!)

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Ya’ll know I like cute stuff right?
I mean really, who doesn’t!?

Well, I’m convinced that something as simple as adding a little Japanese style emoji or kawaii face to ANY object instantly makes it totally adorable. It’s a crazy phenomenon. Don’t believe me? Check this out. . .

Kawaii Face Productspancakes – lunch box –teacup – vitamin pen – candy – messenger bag – notebook – bunny balm underpants

You definitely just said “Oh my gosh. That’s so cute!” about at least 3 of those pictures didn’t you.😄

Yeah, I know.
I do it ALL the time while I’m wandering around the internet looking for inspiration. And I always come back to those little kawaii faces. Every time. I don’t know what it is, but they just call out to my inner child or something!

Which is pretty much the reason I included the Funny Face Tees (as I like to call them) as part of the Kittens & Cream Collection. If you read about the Smitten Kitten dress last week, then you already know that this collection was meant to be very ME. . . to really show my personality. And Man! did designing those little faces make me all kinds of stupid happy!😍

Kawaii Face T-shirts


The heck with the kid’s clothes. I want one of those for myself!
It was honestly a struggle to pare them down to just four faces, because I was having so much fun designing dozens of different expressions. Each one just kept looking cuter than the last! But I was finally able to scale it back to:

The Kitten – Because Hello…it’s the Kittens & Cream collection!
Whiskers Tee

The Freckles – Because freckles are adorable. And he kinda looks like a puppy…or a bunny…or some other cute little happy creature.
Kawaii Face Baby Onesie

The Big Bow
– Because ya’ll know I love a good hair bow.
Kawaii face tee with a big bow

And The Joy face – Because who doesn’t love a good happy face?

Kawaii Happy Face Tee

Since most of the faces are made from basic shapes, these were super easy to whip up with my Silhouette and a little Heat transfer vinyl. If you’ve already got those in your craft stash, I’m sure you can come up with something pretty similar in no time. But since I love ya’ll so much, I’ve also made this Free Kawaii Face cut file just for you. Isn’t she a cutie? And you can stick her on ANYTHING!

kawaii face freebie pink

Or  of course, the Funny Face shirts are always available in the Shop in sizes up to a girls large if you’d rather make it even easier on yourself. Your choice.😉

Now I’d love to hear your ideas!
Is there anything you can think of that WOULDN’T be cuter if you added a Kawaii face? And before anyone says “a toilet” you might wanna go here.😂

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